Let’s ensure no happy returns to Japan for this vile ‘dating coach’


If you’re a white male in Tokyo, you can do what you want. I’m just romping through the streets, just grabbing girls’ heads, just like, head, pfft on the dick, head on the dick, yelling, ‘Pikachu,’ with a Pikachu shirt (on). — Julien Blanc, dating expert at Real Social Dynamics

One of the most reviled misogynist “pick-up artists” is coming to Japan this month. He may find he is not very welcome. It’s one thing to teach dubious techniques to socially inadequate men on how to bed women; it’s another thing to grab Japanese women and force their face into your crotch.

In Japan, that’s not “aggressive dating” — that’s forcible indecency (kyōsei waisetsu), a crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison. I wonder if our visiting dating adviser is aware of this. He certainly wasn’t the last time he was in Japan.

Who is this charming fellow? He is, according to his Facebook page, “an executive coach for Real Social Dynamics, the international leader in dating advice.” According to a puff piece in The Daily Mail, “Pick-up artist Julien Blanc charges men $3,000 to learn his secret tricks.”

These secret tricks he brags about include grabbing women by the neck and choking them, psychological manipulation, lying and, in Japan, apparently sexually assaulting women while “cutely” saying “Pikachu, Pikachu” again and again to lighten the mood. I don’t think Nintendo would approve.

As extensively detailed in the 2005 book “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists,” there is a booming industry in teaching men how to “pick up women” — or, to drop the euphemisms, how to get women to have sex with you. Though the jury may be out on which is more pathetic — the men giving the courses or the men taking the courses — the latter continue to produce enough revenue to keep men like Blanc employed.

Blanc is coming to Japan sometime this month, according to his Twitter feed. Many are not happy about his return.

On Sept. 8, Mr. Blanc released an instructional video on YouTube titled “White male f-cks Asian women in Tokyo (and the beautiful methods to it),” which went viral. It not only included the charming instructions at the top of this article, but also showed him forcing women to put their faces between his legs and sexually harassing a convenience store clerk.

The video caught the attention of Jennifer Li, an Asian-American woman who was so horrified that she began a campaign to contain him, because his toxic message puts the literal “viral” back in “viral.”

“I started the campaign at around 1 a.m. on a Saturday, after I saw the video on Tumblr,” Li writes in an email. “Each second was more horrifying than the next. I’ve had no experience taking anyone down, so I didn’t know how I was going to do it, but I had so much anger in me that I needed to channel it somewhere. I started #takedownjulienblanc [on Twitter] without knowing if it would ever pick up.

“When I watched the video, there were a million things going through my mind: how he was abusing his white privilege, how he was abusing his male privilege, how he is dehumanizing Japanese women, how he is committing sexual assault, how he is teaching this to other men, and how this will affect Asian women everywhere.”

Meanwhile, a YouTube blogger who covers comparative culture issues named msdoom99 posted a Japanese-subtitled video of Blanc’s instructional film, which (s)he labeled “White man on rampage in Japan: ‘You can have all the sex you want.’ ”

Ms. Doom added in Japanese and English: “It makes me sad. This white guy overflowing with confidence. It makes me feel icky. Somehow it depresses me.” It depresses almost all of us, Ms. Doom, I assure you.

The Japanese-subtitled video has been viewed nearly 400,000 times. But not all the comments condemn Blanc. Some praise him: “You guys know about ‘herbivores’ (sōshoku dansei)? A massive movement of guys who gave up on sexuality in Japan. Japan is going to end because people can’t get laid. This guy teaches men NOT to become like that. All the hatred and shaming of male sexuality has brought an end to Japan.”

I can think of other things that have brought much more damage to Japan — like sexism, racism, labor exploitation, the nuclear industry, corruption — but hey, I’m just a permanent resident. What do I know?

However, gradually, the efforts of a few activists have had an effect. In Melbourne, his planned seminar at Hotel Como Melbourne was canceled due to public pressure, and his Australian tour may be in jeopardy. Japan is next on his list of places to visit, with seminars reportedly scheduled for Nov. 15-17.

Blanc did not respond to a request for comment. Jason Gatewood, at animated news site TomoNews, also recently reported that the listed address for the firm that employs him in the U.S. is now a vacant lot. Our dating guru is hard to reach. His controversial video is now “private” and only the Russian version is still online. (Hey, Russia is the homeland of toxic masculinity — are you surprised?).

One hopes he gets his just rewards in Japan, where forcible indecency is clearly a crime. The catch is that the victim has to make a criminal complaint for the police to move. Let’s hope Japanese women here are as vocal as troll-battling Ms. Li and the people Down Under.

Julien, I’d like to say “Welcome back to Japan,” but really, what many of us want to say is, “Don’t ever come back.”

What’s the opposite of yōkoso?

Jake Adelstein writes the monthly Dark Side of the Rising Sun column in The Japan Times on Sunday. Foreign Agenda is a forum for opinion on issues related to life in Japan. Your comments and ideas: community@japantimes.co.jp

  • X2314

    I’m a white male and feel that he is a complete pig. Hope he gets arrested.

    • Invocandum

      It sucks because when things like this happen – especially in a very homogenous like Japan or Korea, it can drastically sway the public view of (in this case) white males.

      I’m a white dude who lived in South Korea for a year, and it always sucked so bad seeing other white dudes misbehaving or ending up on the news for doing something distasteful because, in turn, that effected how Koreans viewed me.

      I hope this dude is barred from entering Japan, and I’m glad he is becoming the laughing stock of the internet right now.

      • Laura Gutleben

        I dunno, I think American sailors sexually assaulting local women has swayed Japanese opinion too.

        I lived there for six years. I’m a white female and I was there from 1994-2000. While I was there, there were a series of rapes committed by American service members and the outcry from the various local governments (cities and prefectures) was loud and heard.

      • Invocandum

        Oh definitely. It’s a lot of things!

      • Bai Sheng

        Add that to the fact that U.S military men can’t be tried by the local justice but can be judged only by the US military justice (except in Germany)…

      • DJEB

        Agreed. I don’t live in Japan anymore, but it’s not like we didn’t have enough to deal with in the likes of Governor Blinky.

    • Moogiechan

      I hope they don’t let him into the country. Why should the Japanese taxpayer have to feed and house him?

    • phu

      I’m a white male and agree that he is a complete pig. However, if he gets arrested, I hope it’s because of someone he assaulted pressing charges and not because of some kind of moral mandate from the government, which is just another overreach of executive power.

  • disqus_Gvs3G32z1K

    Hopefully this guy will be in for a nasty surprise next time he comes to Japan. The stigma associated with reporting such crimes though might protect him.

    “What’s the opposite of yōkoso?”


    • Jake Adelstein

      “帰れ”. That works. :D

      • I hope you find him. Everyone should be on the lookout for this vile man.

    • Roo Ster

      Lol. This even ruder variation would be fitting:
      ototoi kiyagare
      “Come back the day before yesterday.” (get the f*out/&Never come back)

    • Bradley Fried

      Dete ike!!!

  • TylerD

    I think do you do a little more research before judging somebody. A lot of people don’t know that his son passed away a couple of months ago. Show some respect. RIP Gaspard (2007-2014)

    • RedMoon

      Karma a bitch.
      Show some respect you say??
      You should be telling that to this stupid-pig!!

    • Jake Adelstein

      TylerD–If that is true—and it’s hard to know when he allegedly tinder messages being at a funeral that he is not at for sympathy–then I am very sorry for his loss. I don’t understand how that loss justifies grabbing scared Japanese woman and shoving their faces into his crotch.

    • Bryce

      Than he should have no problem coming out with a video saying that everything is taken out of context without his white knights jumping to his rescue. No I do not nor will I respect people who use his methods

    • Gordon Graham

      Showing respect is the least of what this guy is about. That said, I’m truly sorry for his having had such a tragic loss. Heartbreaking…

    • blondein_tokyo

      The fact that his son passed away has nothing to do with the abhorrent behavior he’s displaying in this and other videos. Where’s HIS respect for women? It looks like he’s never had any, at all. While I’m very sorry for his loss, that loss doesn’t give him a get-out-of-criticism free card for being a raging misogynist.

      And if you’re the Tyler Durden who “trained” Julien, the same goes to you.

    • X2314

      What does his “son passing away” have to do with running around sexually assaulting women? If he did this in the US he would have been arrested.

    • gsprd

      This is a complete bullshit story btw.
      I think you all can safely take back your condolences.

      It’s an inside joke of Julien and his posse; It’s a story they use to pick up girls. Basically Julien will kill of his imaginary son in order to pick up girls.
      Now how’s that for some “respect”?

      Below is the evidence. You can’t see the original, so it’s a cache from Google.
      (You can also just google “RSD Julien Gaspard”, and you’ll find some links)

      • Oliver Mackie

        If true, in a way I’m relieved he doesn’t have a son.

    • J.P. Bunny

      His son passed away, so what? I’ve had relatives die, but I didn’t go out, find girls, and push their collective faces in my crotch. Somehow, I don’t thing holding “seminars” on how to do the same thing is a part of the grieving process.

    • JOkoth

      The death of any relation does not qualify misogyny and sentiments expressively inciting sexual assault. That, is a non sequitur.

    • Bai Sheng

      It is a hoax he uses to get conversation started, like the story where his sister got raped one week ago…. morals…

    • EpicFails

      Lies perpetuated for sympathy… both pathetic and disgusting. RSD Tyler graphically brags about raping a stripper in one of his videos. They are all abusive pieces of sh*t. Perhaps putting their faces all over the internet would be a public service. The RSD drama queens seem sooo proud of their behavior-it should be put on public display. I bet their mothers would be very proud. /s
      I love free speech but remember people judge you by your words and deeds. Freedom of speech has never equaled freedom from consequences. Liars and abusers rarely fare well. Is that you RSD Tyler?

    • Perry Constantine

      First off, he lied about his son’s death.

      Second, even if his son actually DID die, since when did losing a loved one justify sexually assaulting women and making money off teaching other guys to do the same?

  • GBR48

    Given his public statements, the Japanese government could simply block his entry into the country. If he arrives, put him back on a plane home.

    • Oliver Mackie

      No they could not, not on those grounds. Here you can’t be refused entry for statements you have made, unless you have stated that your purpose is to overthrow the Japanese government.

      • Moogiechan

        He has stated that he intends to break Japanese law. Does that count for something?

      • Oliver Mackie

        With respect (and I think we are all on the same page regarding this individual) he has not stated that he intends to break the law. He may well do so, but the best chance we have of preventing his arrival is to focus on the most effective counter, which is the-working-under-tourist-status approach. Remember, you are dealing with bureaucracy, which means that any approach which doesn’t correspond with the regulations will get you nowhere (whatever the moral grounds) but which with the rule-focused approach will result in quick and effective action.

      • Moogiechan

        Whatever keeps him out is fine with me.

      • anon21

        In Australia, once the government found out about his toxic agenda, his visa was cancelled and he was immediately kicked out of the country.

      • Oliver Mackie

        Yes, I know. But the point remains, which do you think is more likely to get the result desired by those here trying to take action within weeks: going with a clear case of breaking the law as it definitely already exists, or turning the Japanese bureaucracy into the Australian one?

  • Mike

    Is there anything we can physically do to deter this guy from returning, Jake?!

    • Jake Adelstein

      No. If I knew where the venue was for his seminar, and he’s listed dates as November 15-17 and again November 27th-29th—I could protest to immigration about his visa status. However, based on past experience, if he does get stopped at immigration, he’ll blame me either way—and then I’ll have one more nutty stalker to deal with. At least Julien doesn’t threaten to molest children. A saving grace.

      Option two, in his video he is committing forcible indecency or at least 準強制わいせつ. If the victims would launch a criminal complaint, he could possible be denied entry or arrested when he comes here.

      • Most likely he hasn’t done the proper visa paperwork for giving a commercial seminar in Japan; a “temporary landing permit” does not allow you to hold seminars (especially for money). A simple advance tip to immigration with his legal name, nationality(s), and a URL link showing proof of his intention to violate the terms of his landing condition (the web page for his seminar with prices), and he will be turned around at CIQ and sent home.

      • Jake Adelstein

        I’m not sure I have his REAL name. And I was asked “Where is he doing the seminars?” And the answer is: I don’t know. Not yet. But thank you for the link and the suggestion. I’ll get my ass to work.

      • dkjsfhksd

        In the past RSD does their night programs at Muse and their seminars in the Westin in Ebisu under the name “Real Social Dynamics.”

      • blondein_tokyo

        That’s good info! Thanks.

      • Bai Sheng

        Hasn’t muse been taken down for the past years? Imho, it was full of Julien Blancs

      • Simon White

        His real name has been posted in comments on the Guardian site, at least. That’s not google searchable though.

    • blondein_tokyo

      In Australia, activists succeeded in getting his events canceled by calling and emailing the venues and letting them know exactly what these events entail. I’m quite sure there won’t be many venues in Japan that would welcome a racist white guy who preys on Japanese women. After we find out where he thinks he going to hold this event, we’ll organize the same kind of campaign.

  • Kaitlin Lloyd

    Never let that man in the country again.

  • Ostap Bender

    What’s the opposite of yōkoso?
    Maybe shine (死ね).

  • blondein_tokyo

    Thanks to Jake Adelstein for writing this and bringing this guy to national infamy. If he dares show his face here, I urge everyone to take part in a phone/email/petition campaign to make sure no venues will give him space.

    • Jake Adelstein

      Thank you for the thank you. Jennifer Li did the heavy lifting–I just did a little detective work.

  • Oliver Mackie

    Theoretically yes, but far from assured of success, especially in the timeframe involved. The ‘coming to do business’ on a tourist visa route is much more likely to meet with success.

    • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

      Many celebrities have been denied entrance to Japan I believe on this ground (related to drug use). It could be a different law though.

  • Tindy

    For him to stop? If he’s still planning on coming, and holding a seminar, then he’s quite clearly not “sorry.” The fact that his son died is tragic but that is in no way related to his current activity, and our reactions as thus.

  • SymptomOfTheUniverse

    Is it wrong that I hope something bad happens to this guy?

    • Perry Constantine

      Not at all. Personally, I’m hoping he ends up in a pound-you-in-the-ass prison. Then we’ll see how much he likes these techniques when they’re being used on him.

  • J.P. Bunny

    Who gives a flying fig about his life’s pain? The guy is a world class douche. The video should be broadcast on the news along with advice for viewers to look up “castration” in the dictionary.

  • JOkoth

    If everyone used non sequiturs as you are, no criminal would ever be prosecuted. If he sexually assaulted your wife, mother, sister…and told you after that it was his way of finding relief after the death of his son would that excuse the emotional and physical damage done to his victim? Be serious and take a lot more time before attempting to qualify such a vile human being with this vapid rambling!

  • Bradley Fried

    The passive sex-object Japanese female is a stupid myth cultivated in the minds of mysoginist morons like this piece of s**t. I hope one of his victims relieves him of his manhood with a kitchen knife.

    • Gordon Graham

      It’s not really a myth, but it shouldn’t give license for people to treat other people so rudely and with such disrespect or make people think that because women enjoy sex you are at liberty to behave as though you’re entitled to invite yourself to be part of their private affairs.

      • Bradley Fried

        Yes, complete and total myth.

      • Gordon Graham

        not in my experience…but again, that’s irrelevant

      • blondein_tokyo

        Gordon, it IS a stereotype, and like all stereotypes, while it may have roots in the truth, it is greatly exaggerated and doesn’t apply to the majority of people.

        I’m actually surprised you’d say that, Gordon, since you’re usually the first person to get on other people for perpetrating negative stereotypes of the Japanese.

        Japanese women are strong, capable, and tough. They may not be as aggressively outspoken in the same way that western women are, but they don’t need to be to still be effective. Actually, one of my best friends here has taught me a lot about how to interact with people in a way that gets you what you want without needing to be pushy, loud, or aggressive. She’s one of the strongest women I’ve ever met, and she’s Japanese.

        But guys liike Julian don’t pick on women like her. They calculatedly choose women they know will be intimidated and won’t fight back. That’s what gives him and others watching the impression that Japanese women are weak. You know he’s only posting the videos where his “techniques” seem to work.

        LOL…. I know several Japanese women who would have torn his balls off for touching them like that, but, as I said, he’d never have chosen any if them for his little games.

        Japan is actually not all that different from anywhere else- predators *always* pick on the weak, or those perceived as weak.

      • Gordon Graham

        You’re right…That was hypocritical of me, not to mention shallow and insensitive given the topic. My sincere apologies

      • blondein_tokyo

        Hey, no probs. One thing I respect about you is that you’re fair minded and open to rethinking things. I wish everyone would do that. :)

  • Jake Adelstein

    Be my guest.

  • Danielle Melton

    Someone destroy this shitbag. I wish I was in Tokyo cause I’d hunt him down and kick him off the top of the Skytree.

  • Kira

    All the rage about a guy telling fantasy stories to guys in order to
    sell his seminars. Even if he pulled that move on the street, people are
    free to report him the police or beat him up if they please. Not sure
    why some keyboard justice warriors here feel obliged to take legal
    action, busting him in jail or even wish him injury or death, for a deed
    this Julien have might dreamed up. Calm down.

    Also I like the comment “It makes me sad. This white guy overflowing with confidence. It makes me feel icky. Somehow it depresses me.” It speaks volumes about the actual background of this whole issue. How dare he to be pull that
    through (“using is white male privilege” lol) and even get laid by it … I saw guys do much nastier stuff in club around Tokyo and you know what? They left with the girl. No reports to police, nothing. Go out there, go to Roppongi and Shibuya, and make a reality check.

    Those RSD guys might push their sales pitch a bit too hard, but do not
    deserve be threatened online (a criminal offence in itself btw.) because
    they give freaking pickup seminars and speak about things in a way some
    people dislike.

    • DJEB

      Pushing someone’s head towards your genitals is sexual assault. Nice of you to white knight for this sociopath, though.

      • Kira

        Ok saw the video. My mistake.
        Still my point remains. People on this boards raging against this guy for “sexual assault” while simultaniously threatening to “cut his balls off”, “use his body for sword testing” just to name a few. The Hipocrisy is strong in this campaign.

        If he misbehaves the law will surely punish him. Surely someone will report, if he assaults some girl again. Not sure why some guys/girls on the internet try to take the law in there own hands for the “sake of the safety of all Japanese women” lol. Talk about white knighting.

      • X2314

        His son didn’t die, it was an inside joke he used to pick up women.

      • blondein_tokyo

        No one “relished” the death of his son (if he even had a son). What people did was say that having a loved one die doesn’t excuse bad behavior or give you a get-out-of-criticisim-free card. Clearly, you’re not being honest with this claim.

        I will agree with you in regards to the threats of physical violence being made against him. Unless one is in direct danger of violence themselves, using violence is never justified. Even hyperbolic threats might encourage actual violence. It’s wrong, and people shouldn’t do it.

        Finally, your accusation of “white knighting”. First, half the posters here are other women, so clearly this doesn’t apply. Secondly, that is simply an ad hominem attack, and by using it all you’re doing is saying that people shouldn’t care about violence against women, shouldn’t speak out, shouldn’t want justice against a man who abuses women- which, in a way, makes you just as bad as the people who are threatening violence here because you’re basically saying stopping violence against women isn’t important.

        These things- the disingenuousness, the hypocrisy, and the ad hominem attacks, makes you nothing but a troll.

      • DJEB

        I do love a good concern troll.

    • DJEB

      Love the new sock puppet, by the way.

    • dkjsfhksd

      he posted video of it, dude

    • J.P. Bunny

      He posted a video of it and is telling others it is okay to do the crap he did. Rather sad there are people out there willing to spend quite a bit of money to be learn how to act like a moronic drunken sexual predator.

    • DJEB

      See, there’s the problem with sock puppets. You forget the logins for them.

      • EpicFails

        Sockpuppets are tough to manage. lol

  • Terry Koch

    Keep him out of Japan. Then make him “a pickup artist without a country.”

  • Toolonggone

    Ewwwwww. Brrrrrrr.
    I’m struggling to find words for this white piece of s@#t.

  • Unfortunately it is true for some Japanese women. One of my good friend who is Japanese and she will only date White guys. Some of those white guys are very yucky. I can’t even comprehend what she is thinking.

  • blondein_tokyo

    My thoughts exactly. Some friends of mine plan to call their Tokyo office to see if they can find out the actual dates and place, time.

    Could you post the Japanese translation here, so we can all spread it via social media?

  • Axel

    The video clearly shows him sexually harassing women. Why is there no lawsuit against him? the video is proof enough. Let’s take him off the street and put him in jail. We need to protect women.

  • Paul Johnny Lynn

    Pond scum.

  • Mick

    You must be able to find out the venue and things, because he is going to advertise to sell tickets. I cant imagine anyone wanting to pay for this crap. If he grabbed my Japanese wife, or daughter like that, he would surely know what he had done was wrong. Problem is, I would likely be punished for it…

    • Jake Adelstein

      You have to pay $1000. I’ve tried the office number for RSD in Tokyo but I am not getting an answer. The locations are kept secret.

      • blondein_tokyo

        Hey, I’d be willing to chip in. If you really think it would work, then put up a Kickstarter! :)

  • bB

    Dear Japanese:
    This guy is a complete jerk ! A shame to America.

    • J.P. Bunny

      A shame to organic life.

  • Ken

    I have to say this. I’m a part of ” the pick up community”. Or rather i use to be, after I met my now wife, I left pick up. She is Japanese and we are both shocked and disgusted by this man’s actions.

    However, I have to say this is one school of thought in this community. Now I don’t believe it’s fair to condem someone who takes a course. Someone maybe shy or intimidated by women. This is a tool. Would you call someonewho reads a business book a manipulative? Now, let me be clear that is style of teaching should be condemned. However, to call a man pathetic for trying the dating community is I think is slightly unfair.

    • blondein_tokyo

      You are sort of repeating yourself up there. You might want to edit that. :)

      Look, Ken, I have all the sympathy in the world for shy, socially awkward guys who read books and use these seminars to give themselves a confidence boost. I understand their pain, because I’m actually quite a shy person myself and it took me quite some time to get past that and become more socially active and comfortable around groups of people. I too used the “fake it until you make it” school of thought that is often advocated by PUAs.

      On the other hand, one thing I did NOT do to get over my fears was to use intimidation tactics or “negging” as it is called. And way too many of these PUA seminars, including Julian Blanc’s group Real Social Dynamics, are doing just that.

      No one here is saying that there is something wrong with guys who are shy or socially awkward. There is a huge difference between a guy shyly approaching women on the street and trying to make simple, pleasant, social conversation with a girl, and a guy who walks up and grabs a woman by the throat and then forcibly kisses her before she can figure out what is going on.

      Be careful in how you word your defense of PUA. You really don’t want to accidentally put yourself into the same group that has Julian Blanc as a member.

      • Ken

        Thanks for the reply and keeping it civil. I believe we are both in agreement in regards to Julian Blanc. However, my point is that the article does a little bit of lumping.

        “Though the jury may be out on which is more pathetic — the men giving the courses or the men taking the courses — the latter continue to produce enough revenue to keep men like Blanc employed.”

        If it was not for this part of the article I would have agreed whole hardheartedly. However, this part makes it sound like anyone in the dating/pick up community should be condemned. That I do not agree. Also, I hope the author does not think I’m directly attacking him or his work. I rather enjoy a lot of his work. Just wanted to be clear about that.

      • blondein_tokyo

        Sure, that’s understandable. I think that if Jake were here, he’d reassure you that he’s specifically referring to Julien’s course, and not all of these types of courses.

        It’s good that you brought this up just in case some other people might have read condemnation of all PUA into this article. :)

    • Perry Constantine

      Sorry, no.

      I was a socially awkward, shy guy. Still am. Always had trouble finding girlfriends. But I still managed to get them on occasion and now am engaged. All without ever engaging in these kinds of slimy tactics.

      The PUA community is a community of misogynists, pure and simple.

      • Ken

        I’m glad you can lump the whole community together and make hasty generalizations.

  • Ken

    I have to say this. I’m a part of ” the pick up community”. Or rather i use to be, after I met my now wife, I left pick up. She is Japanese and we are both shocked and disgusted by this man’s actions.

    However, I have to say this is one school of thought in this community. Now I don’t believe it’s fair to condem someone who takes a course. Someone maybe shy or intimidated by women. This is a tool. Would you call someonewho reads a business book manipulative? Now, let me be clear that this style of teaching should be condemned. However, to call a man pathetic for trying the dating community is in my opinion slightly unfair.

    Sorry I typed this on my phone.

  • Bai Sheng

    Just depressed to see that we live in a country when my wife and I can be jailed for 33 days after being snitched about 0.9g of weed, handling my 6-month old son to the social services. And at the same time a disgrace to mankind like this guy will never be nagged by Japanese police or immigration services.
    Doomed system ain’t it?

  • Jamie Bakeridge

    Whilst I abhor the conduct of this guy, the fact that so many people care about this so deeply to write detailed comments yet clearly are indifferent to the Death to Koreans chats, the massacres in Gaza the sexual harassment by Japanese men, the lack of support for Ebola prevention articles and these pass without comment does somewhat make me feel there is more than a little self interest in all the approbation being dished out here…

    • blondein_tokyo

      That is clearly a false dichotomy. People can care passionately about more than one thing at a time, you know.

      I also find it very strange that you would think that people in the comments section of an article about sexual harassment ought to instead talk about Ebola. I am quite sure that if you go over to the article that is about Ebola, you will in fact find people talking about Ebola. :)

    • Perry Constantine

      Yeah, very good point!

      By the way, Jamie, how come you aren’t talking about North Korea’s treatment of their citizens in this comment? You are clearly indifferent to the way that nation brutalizes its own people, since you haven’t mentioned it in this comment to a completely unrelated issue.

  • Ashikaga Takauji

    This man on return to Japan needs to be taken to Suzugamori (鈴ヶ森刑場) and despatched of in the traditional manner. After that his body should be available for sword testing.

  • Carole C

    What an ugly, cowardly, little turd this guy is. I’m so happy he had to flee Australia with his tail between his legs.

  • Erika Wang

    if i met this guy in tokyo street,i definitely gonna slap him in the face!!!!

    • Perry Constantine

      That’s being too kind. He deserves to be stabbed in the balls.

  • We too low

    This piece of white trash is lucky he didn’t mess with the wrong Asian girl because my hands will break his nuts so fast that he’s going to wish he had never landed in Japan.

  • Toolonggone

    Can’t find any words for this. Worst form of white privilege. Too vulgar and offensive. Please, purge this video above right away.

  • Migoro

    In order to stop this jerk, specific information is necessary. Be advised that Julien Blanc is coming to Tokyo January 15-17 with an Australian pick up artist from RSD named Alexander. According to the Real Social Dynamics website, Julien Blanc has a contact in Tokyo (another pick up artist) who handles his Japan bookings. His phone number is ASIA: +81345789305 Call him and give him a piece of your mind.

  • Migoro

    the Japanese government will probably not take any action at all. There a plenty of
    professional pick up artists in Japan called nampa-shi (ナンパ師) and they
    also film women in the same way. Every DVD rental place has a whole
    shelf of nampa-shi videos. I think the best think for everyone would to let him come and then confront him. Stand outside the venue and take photos of the people going in. Name them and shame them.

    • Kira

      Dude, Nampa is not illegal and this videos are mostly staged anyway.
      Go to Shibuya crossing and and look how they do nampa there. No crotch-pulling, not assault nothing. Plain talking to get some numbers.

      Sometime I wonder how mankind managed to pro-create…

  • mika

    He makes me SICK!
    I don’t know if you”ve already got the Japanese translation, but here is my version. No big words, and some parts are not exact, but it should get the message across.
    Feel free to post it, send it where ever you think might help to keep this guy off the streets of Tokyo. (or any where else for that matter)
    I hope you can all see it properly on your computers.


    著 ジェイク アデルステイン
    訳 イワナガ ミカ






    2005年に発売された‘The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists(ザ・ゲーム:ナンパ師の秘密の世界を浸透させる)’では、男性に‘ナンパ法’を伝授するのが流行している-ナンパと言うよりは、いかに女性にセックスさせるかと言う内容だ。どちらの方が情けないのか‐講義をする側か受ける側か‐需要があるのでブランクのような男を雇用し続ける事になる。


    9月8日ブランクは、you tubeに‘白人男性東京でアジア女性をヤル’と言う題名のビデオを投稿した。上記にあるテクニックを説明するだけではなく、実際に彼が女性の頭を掴んで自分の股間に押し付ける映像やコンビニ店員にセクハラをする動画である。




    その間、msdoom99と言うユーザーネームを使っているブロガーがブランクの講義ビデオを日本語の字幕付きでyou tubeに流した。“White man on rampage in Japan: ‘You can have all the sex you want.’ (白人男性日本であばれ回る:‘セックスし放題’)









  • carlos

    I totally understand Jake Adelstein’s and others’ concerns over this guy’s behavior, but it looks like we should keep our distance from Jennifer Li. Her Twitter feed on this and other issues is full of race-baiting and misandrist comments.

    • X2314

      I noticed in one of her videos she said she “doesn’t trust white people.” Wow.

  • djson1

    So, why did they pixel out his face in the video? Don’t we want to see who this douchebag is?

  • whuddyasack

    No, not even that. Just cancel his visa or arrest him on arrival. Not one Japanese woman should have to suffer “choke openers” from this disgusting expatrat.

  • Ed Cheong

    I can’t wait for him to come to Singapore. Either he’ll get into trouble with the law, get arrested and caned, or some street vigilantes will show him how to properly respect others.

  • kayumochi

    My Japanese wife has endured groping and the exposure of genitals here in Japan. Does RSD promote this? No? Then why not welcome the man and this teaching? It will be a huge improvement over how Japanese women are currently treated.

    • kayumochi

      What about the theft of women’s panties from the clothesline? And the local police coming to the workplace to have women publicly identify their own underwear? Does RSD promote this? No? Then my wife would be happy to have RSD teach Japanese men how to treat a woman because she has endured this as well.

  • ellie

    Throw him in prison! This stuff makes me scared of guys. Because I’ve known so many d-bags like this and I swear as time goes on I realize more and more that this is the “norm”. At least in America. Can’t tell you how many first dates I’ve been on where we’re sitting there watching a movie and I’m eating my popcorn and suddenly the guy takes my head, shoves it into his lap and starts telling me to suck it and calling me “b”. SICK.

  • RedBaronsCuz

    I was half hoping that they would let him in, and then arrest him with the evidence in hand. Not only would he be banned from coming back in, but he would get a taste of the Japanese legal system (if only a bit of interrogation). He’s getting off too easily. But thanks to the uproar, we can expect that things will be a bit tougher for him now. Of course he will probably keep on doing this under a pseudonym, online etc., but it will be harder.

  • it’s unfortunately the fact that many japanese women are not capable of defending themselves unlike western women. How he showed his statement about us ( japanese women ) is utterly disturbing . However with the benefit of hindsight, I’d like us all japanese women to be wiser and stronger. It’s easy to criticize about someone for their bad behavior but we have to move on somehow.

  • Atilla the Hun

    HA HA HA HA HA This guy is brilliant~!!! He mad a mountain of cash from weak minded morons who could be convinced that women were like mechanical puzzles needing only the right trick to make them work and – of course – he could hand them the magical mystical “key.”
    It’s almost as pathetic as Islam, but the mind game is the same.

  • I hope he gets imprisoned