Daniel Dumas
English instructor, 53 (American)

The first thing I’d like to see is a rethink of policy regarding bicycle transportation. The use of bicycles should be encouraged and more parking areas should be created. As we learned on 3/11, bicycles can be very useful after a natural disaster.

Satoshi Asano
Salesman, 27 (Japanese)
The next governor needs to work hard on the Olympic bid to bring the games to Tokyo, as that will really give the city and population a boost in the short term. Looking further into the future, he needs to work on measures to boost the birthrate in the city and related issues such as childcare.

Namie Horii
Bar staff, 30 (Japanese)
The childcare situation needs to be improved. I want a baby myself but I also want to work afterwards, and that isn’t easy nowadays. Also, if possible locally, he should increase the age at which the pension is paid to Tokyo residents to 68 or 70, as people are living longer now.

Sadaaki Sakai
Ink Sales, 29 (Japanese)
I don’t think he needs to do anything in particular to “improve” Tokyo, other than to build on what we already have. Tokyo is Japan in the eyes of many, and if we can encourage more and more people to come and live, work and spend their money here, that will be enough.

Ben Maxwell
High school teacher, 38 (Australian)
As a sports lover, I hope the next governor continues Tokyo’s bid to host the 2020 Olympics. While some people believe the funds needed to keep the bid going could be better utilized elsewhere, I feel the long-term benefits of hosting the games will make a continuation of the bid worthwhile.

Kyohei Yamashita
Model, 22 (Japanese)
The next Tokyo governor should try to bring different cultures together in the city. If, for example, we had more international festivals, people in Tokyo from different cultures would have more chance to learn about each other and we could avoid many of the historical negatives we have today.

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