Kofu: Do you think Prime Minister Naoto Kan should quit now or stay on?

Takuya Hikawa
Systems engineer, 25
A change to a new administration would cause more trouble and prevent any progress being made to solve our current problems. Kan probably doesn’t have the necessary power or intellectual capability, but he should keep working and not quit right away.

Kimiko Miyake
Human resources employee, 28
I want Prime Minister Kan to resign right away. His (Democratic Party of Japan) manifesto promises have been blocked, and the party’s policies haven’t been realized.

Manami Tsushima
Teacher, 36
I want him to resign by the end of next month so that a general election can then be called, because I think there will be a shift among voters from (Kan’s) Democratic Party of Japan to the Liberal Democratic Party.

Koji Orikasa
Chairman of Fukushima Prefectural Association in Yamanashi, 53
Right now, no matter who is in power it will be the same. I want politicians to help the people (of Tohoku) live independently. I want to see a strong PM with leadership skills who can help to fix these problems quickly and work towards complete restoration.

Matthew Castle
Assistant language teacher, 24 (American)
I don’t think Kan should quit, because if he does, the LDP will come back into power, and it’s nice to see a different group in power now. Hopefully they can make a difference where the LDP couldn’t.

Serina Miyazawa
Electric company employee, 32
I don’t think he should step down. If another person takes his place, it’ll be back to the drawing board. All prime ministers are basically the same. He should continue to carry out his plans and not give up.

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