Ben Austin
Finance, 40 (Australian)

I think Ishihara should stay, particularly in light of his recent comments on match-fixing in sumo. He tells it how it is, and how many politicians really do that? He isn’t one for jumping on the outrage bandwagon.

Ayaka Sato
Student, 20 (Japanese)
I think that Doraemon would be great. Not only is he kind, but he also looks after and protects the weak. Also he can do anything and, I imagine, he’s probably quite foreigner-friendly.

Mike DeJong
Musician, 46 (Canadian)
I think (former sumo wrestler) Asashoryu would make a good governor. He is a free thinker and doesn’t subscribe to the group mentality. Creative thinking is needed in Japan, especially in politics.

Yasuaki Haraguchi
Comedian, 26 (Japanese)
(Ex-Miyazaki Gov. Hideo)
Higashikokubaru. He has leadership qualities and a great sense of people. He doesn’t like politicians either, and wouldn’t be afraid to challenge the government. Also, he’s a bit of a comedian.

Hitomi Kuroda
Employee, 33 (Japanese)
Kakuei Tanaka. He used to be a politician in the House of Representatives. He was charismatic and a great economist. He helped boost Japan’s economy and in turn helped my family out of trouble. And that’s why I was born!

Paul McInally
Teacher, 38 (British)
Oscar Wilde. He’d pop a carnation in the buttonhole of every salaryman’s suit — provided he could stomach all the polyester. He’d cast his eye around the ugly concrete, declaring, “Either the flyovers go or I do!”

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