Tokyo: What has been your most memorable meal in Japan?

Edward Bawolek
U.S. Navy, 22 (American)

Eating at all of the beef-bowl restaurants has been great. I love shabu-shabu! Recently I went to a restaurant in Tokyo and had a multicourse dinner of blowfish, including fried, sashimi and soup dishes, before finishing with ice cream for dessert.

Fiona Lewis
Student, 21 (Australian)
At Tokyo Disneyland I ate some big, soft pretzels filled with cream cheese that tasted a bit strange. Afterwards I felt a little bit sick, but decided to ride the magic teacups anyway. Spinning around so fast was not a good idea — never again!

Blair Dibley
Turf manager, 40 (New Zealander)
I had an amazing meal at a wedding here in Tokyo. They had all kinds of traditional dishes, although I do not know their names. The beef was cooked just right and eating raw fish for the first time was a great experience.

Hannah Fry
Student, 20 (Australian)
In Hiroshima, I ate okonomiyaki at a small restaurant by the Peace Memorial. It was my first time having Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki. They cooked it right in front of us on a hot plate, and then we covered it in sauce and ate it.

Nick Harling
English Teacher, 28 (English)
Last year I visited Hokkaido with a friend, and after walking around a fish market in Sapporo we found a tiny restaurant serving fresh seafood. I had grilled salmon with miso soup — the soup had huge pieces of crab floating in it. Very simple, delicious Japanese-style cooking.

Harlene Tupaz
Student, 19 (Filipino)
I always enjoy having ramen at the Ippudo restaurant inside Meidaimae Station in Setagaya (in southwestern Tokyo). The noodles are cooked just right, and the soup is so delicious!

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