Where is the best place to spend winter in Japan?

by Louisa Chan

Ryo Shitamichi
Care worker, 34
I like going to hot springs because it’s relaxing. There’s fresh air and it’s great to have a nice meal and some sake after a warm bath in wintertime.

Shuuko Matsumoto
My favorite place is my home because it isn’t cold. I have a TV, books and magazines to keep me entertained. I can spend a long time in my room — and it’s free.

Taisuke Yumura
Waiter, 29
I like Karuizawa because you can go skiing and there’s a large shopping mall. There are really nice resorts with hot springs, and it’s easy to access from Tokyo.

Anh Nguyen
Engineer (Vietnamese)
I like going to Okinawa because it’s warm. I love the beaches, hot springs and the delicious food, especially the seaweed. I love Okinawan food.

Bal Bahadur
Chef, 28 (Nepalese)
This is my first winter in Japan. It’s very different to Nepal. I went ice skating last month and it was a lot of fun. I want to try snowboarding and skiing next.

Quyen Phan (English)
Lettings negotiator, 30
I can’t pick a favorite place because there are so many to choose from. I like to go skiing, drinking in pubs and watching TV at home under my blanket.