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/ Jan 24, 2014

The enigma of European defense

What accounts for European citizens' support for the establishment of a common security and defense policy when most European leaders have demonstrated a clear lack of interest in creating one

/ Dec 12, 2012

An energy-independent U.S. still has Middle East interests

For some time now, a certain strategic vision has been gaining traction: the United States is becoming energy-independent, paving the way for its political retreat from the Middle East and justifying its strategic "pivot" toward Asia. This view seems intuitively correct, but is it? Energy-hungry ...

/ Feb 17, 2012

Behind Obama's Mideast policy of capitulation

No sooner did U.S. President Barack Obama welcome home American troops from Iraq and laud that country's stability and democracy than an unprecedented wave of violence — across Baghdad and elsewhere — revealed the severity of Iraq's political crisis. Is that crisis an unfortunate ...