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Commentary / World Jan 15, 2001

Italian lessons for Japan

Japan's political landscape could change dramatically, depending on the outcome of July's Upper House elections. Mikio Aoki, a Liberal Democratic leader in the Upper House, says the three ruling coalition parties -- the Liberal Democratic Party, New Komeito and the New Conservative Party -- ...

Commentary / World Nov 28, 2000

Back to square one in politics

Koichi Kato, a leading dissident in the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, failed miserably in his latest attempt to unseat Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori. Kato launched an open revolt against Mori because he feared that the LDP would suffer a devastating loss in the 2001 Upper ...

Commentary / World Oct 3, 2000

JCP reforms in name only

The Japanese Communist Party, at the Sept. 19 general meeting of the Central Committee, proposed scrapping the preamble to the party charter that sets out basic principles for its activities and organization. The preamble contains words symbolic of the Communist Party, such as "socialist ...

Commentary / World Jun 20, 2000

New rules, old political games

Japanese go to the polls June 25 in the nation's second general election that combines single-seat constituencies and proportional representation. For the election, the ruling Liberal Democratic Party is using the same strategies that it employed in past elections that were based on multiseat constituencies. ...