Sergei Karaganov

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Commentary / World Jul 27, 2011

Moscow must also look to the east

Over the past 18 months, Russia's relations with Asia have begun to improve. Both President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin have repeatedly pointed to the need for an economic turn to Asia. Dozens of protocols and agreements on new projects have been ...

Commentary / World Apr 30, 2011

The end of mutually assured destruction?

Two years ago in Prague, U.S. President Barack Obama put forward his visionary idea of a world free of nuclear weapons. A year ago, a new strategic arms treaty between Russia and the United States was signed in the same city. Now the wave ...

Commentary / World May 5, 2010

Nuclear disarmament goal a harmful myth

MOSCOW — Russia and the United States have signed a new strategic nuclear-arms reduction treaty (START). Officially, the treaty cuts their weapons by one-third; in fact, each party will decommission only several dozen. Nevertheless, the treaty is a considerable achievement. It normalizes political relations between ...

Commentary / World Dec 26, 2009

Will Russia save the West?

MOSCOW — Rapid changes in the global economy and international politics are raising, once more, an eternal issue in Russia: the country's relations with Europe, and with the Euro-Atlantic region as a whole. Of course, Russia partly belongs to this region. Yet it cannot ...

Commentary / World Aug 9, 2009

20th-century legacy of confrontation lives on

MOSCOW — This November will mark the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. But the end of confrontation in Europe may be proving only temporary. One year after last summer's war in Georgia, old divisions seem to be re-emerging in a ...

Commentary / World Jul 5, 2006

Western geopolitics suffering from an infantile disorder

PRAGUE -- Recent statements from some American leaders and North Atlantic Treaty Organization representatives give the impression that not only Islamic and other radicals, but also quite civilized figures, are losing their grasp of reality and have begun acting irrationally. The world is becoming ...