Sayuri Daimon

Sayuri Daimon is an executive operating officer and the managing editor of The Japan Times. Daimon is the first woman to fill this role in the newspaper’s 116-year history. Since joining the newspaper in 1991, she has covered various fields as a staff writer, ranging from politics to business. She became Domestic News Division Manager in 2006, Deputy Managing Editor in 2008, and Executive Operating Officer from July 2013. She was awarded the Nieman Fellowship at Harvard University in 2000.

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Global cooperation needed in uncertain times

| Jan 17, 2017

Global cooperation needed in uncertain times

The world in 2016 saw many events signaling the rise of protectionism and populism, ranging from Brexit to Donald Trump's victory in the U.S. presidential election and people's fear of job loss due to immigrants and artificial intelligence (AI) development. An executive of the Geneva-based ...