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Shanghai -- all-you-can-eat, sip

National Apr 7, 2006

Shanghai -- all-you-can-eat, sip

Chopped steak, salmon, a few plates of sushi plus enough Japanese beer to send someone home staggering would normally bleed the common Chinese bill-payer of a week's pay. In Shanghai, add to that a salad, a mushroom stir-fry, a bottle of sake and just about ...

National Mar 14, 2006

Firms recruiting in China find few fits

BEIJING (Kyodo) Japanese companies trawling for new hires at the second annual Beijing job fair have found few skilled applicants among the latest group of graduates. Employers taking part in the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China's second annual weekend job fair on ...

Nantong is good home for Japanese factories

National Jan 28, 2006

Nantong is good home for Japanese factories

NANTONG, China (Kyodo) The late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping in 1984 founded the Nantong Economic and Technological Development Area and 13 other coastal development zones to lead China from communism to a market economy. Today, the 147-sq.-km national development zone in Nantong, north of Shanghai, ...

National Jan 17, 2006

China's Japan smear a hard sell in Taiwan

BEIJING (Kyodo) In a speech to 6,000 dignitaries last September marking the 60th anniversary of the war's end, Chinese President Hu Jintao recalled the anti-Japan alliance between the Chinese Communist Party and Nationalist Party (KMT) before it fled to Taiwan, saying he would not ...

Japanese company introduces kids books to skeptical China

National Jan 14, 2006

Japanese company introduces kids books to skeptical China

BEIJING (Kyodo) When people look through "Little Brother Mouse's Waistcoat" at the Poplar Kid's Republic Picture Book Shop in Beijing, they often ask why the pages have so much blank space. Store manager Ikuko Ishikawa, a Tokyo native who has lived in China since 1989, ...

Gingerly, Japanese business in Shanghai resumes

National Dec 22, 2005

Gingerly, Japanese business in Shanghai resumes

Whoever owned the Japanese restaurant opposite the Japanese Consulate in Shanghai left within four months after a crowd of people vandalized both the restaurant and consulate in an anti-Japan fury in April. But the new occupant, the No. 1 Japanese Casual Restaurant, has done smooth ...

National Nov 24, 2005

Beijing 'snack' bars in fierce competition

After the workers clock out around 6 p.m., most of 41-story Tower A at SOHO Newtown's office complex in Beijing goes dark until the next day. But elevators dedicated to floors 30 and up start running full loads again from 8 p.m. until past 1 ...

Chinese feelings on Japan mixed

National Nov 11, 2005

Chinese feelings on Japan mixed

When Li Yanmei first hears the word "Japan," she thinks of rightwingers and school textbooks that sanitize wartime history. "They invaded us and gave China a lot of problems," said Li, 20, an international economics and commerce major at Beijing Normal University. "That's my first ...

National Nov 8, 2005

China media fairer toward Japan

When Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi visited Tokyo's war-related Yasukuni Shrine last month, two local Beijing newspapers reported his explanation of the visit alongside the Chinese government's accusation that he had hurt China's feelings by honoring war criminals enshrined there. After Sino-Japanese talks last month on ...