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Commentary / World Dec 6, 2012

Egypt's democratic dictator?

Mohamed Morsi, Egypt's first-ever elected civilian president, recently granted himself sweeping temporary powers in order, he claims, to attain the objectives of the revolution that overthrew Hosni Mubarak's dictatorship. But the decrees incited strong opposition from many of the revolutionary forces that helped to overthrow ...

Commentary / World Sep 20, 2012

Coming to grips with Libya's jihadists

"They are armed and I am not going to fight a losing battle and kill my men over a demolished shrine," said Fawzi Abd al-'Aali, the former Libyan interior minister, before he "resigned" last August. He was referring to the armed Salafi groups that were ...

Commentary / World Aug 11, 2012

Egypt's new old government

Egypt's first-ever freely elected president, the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi, has appointed his first Cabinet, and guess what? It is crammed with officials from the old regime. Morsi's government clearly reflects the balance of power between the president and the Supreme Council of the Armed ...

Commentary / World Jul 23, 2012

Libyan election another Arab Spring paradox

"We certainly did not expect the results, but ... our future is certainly better than our present and our past," said Sami al-Saadi, the former ideologue of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and the founder of the political party al-Umma al-Wasat, which finished third ...