Michael Hassett

As a Mensan who has an interest in everything numerical, Michael Hassett enjoys examining how numbers are produced and interpreted to indicate societal norms and influence public perception. He arrived in Japan in 1990 and has been an occasional contributor to The Japan Times since 2007.

For Michael Hassett's latest contributions to The Japan Times, see below:

What to expect when applying for college overseas

| Jul 27, 2016

What to expect when applying for college overseas

In a few weeks, my daughter, an American-Japanese dual national born, raised and mostly educated in Japanese in Japan, will begin her first year of higher learning at her dream school — Middlebury College, one of America's oldest liberal arts institutes. Located in the midst ...

Green-fingered <em>gaijin</em> reaps alien harvest in Tokyo

| Jul 31, 2012

Green-fingered gaijin reaps alien harvest in Tokyo

Dazed and drenched within Tokyo's oppressive summer furnace, I peered up from my squat through the prism of perspiration in my eyelids to see a figure I had gradually come to know as the grumpy ol' garden drunk. "When 'ja plant 'dem cucumbers?" he slurred, ...

Taking stock of a generation of changes

| Jan 11, 2011

Taking stock of a generation of changes

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changesTurn and face the strangeCh-ch-changesPretty soon now, you're gonna get older Rolling Stone suggested that the lyrics to "Changes" by David Bowie could be "construed as a young man's attempt to reckon how he'll react when it's his time to be on the maligned side ...

Children say the darndest things

Dec 23, 2008

Children say the darndest things

Another holiday season is upon us. There is a nip in the air, lights of all colors twinkle throughout neighborhoods and cityscapes across the country, and holiday cheer radiates throughout our schools, workplaces and communities. During this festive time, friends and families often come ...

| Nov 25, 2008

An Obama for Japan: Yes, we can?

On the long, unwinding railroad, on the sixth day — the day that, according to Christian texts, God created Man — a great dissatisfaction seeped into me as I continued to bask in the pride of seeing the majority of my fellow Americans transcend ...