Megumi Kudo

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Stage May 2, 2014

Designer Hanae Mori on stage again with costumes for opera 'Yuzuru'

Hanae Mori, a revered Japanese fashion designer with a career on world catwalks since the 1960s, showed her unflagging creativity when she designed costumes for a recent revival of the Japanese opera "Yuzuru." The opera, whose title translates as "Twilight Crane," was written by Junji ...

Designer urges localized weddings

National Oct 17, 2013

Designer urges localized weddings

In an era of declining marriages and smaller weddings, a leading bridal fashion designer is helping to revive the custom of holding hometown nuptials that feature local food and traditional crafts. "A bride used to prepare for a wedding at the home where she grew ...

Business Aug 20, 2008

Demand for rare metals spurs gadget recycling efforts

SENDAI — Used mobile phones and other small electrical appliances are attracting attention for their metal content, including such rare elements as platinum and tungsten. While there are some local governments and industries that have begun collecting gadgets to harvest and recycle metal components, the ...

Ex-biker gang member tries to set youth straight

National Jun 14, 2005

Ex-biker gang member tries to set youth straight

If anybody can teach youngsters about the dangers of joining gangs and getting into crime and drugs, it is Ryo Kudo, 28, a former "bosozoku" biker gang member who is now busy organizing awareness sessions for youth. The first session organized recently by Kudo, from ...