Mariko Kawaguchi

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Art Oct 3, 2001

Mexico's 'cosmic' cornucopia

What is "ultrabaroque?" Santa Maria, Tonantzintla "It's a cosmos, or a sort of mandala," says Ichiro Ono, standing before his prodigious photo works of Mexican ultrabaroque churches, currently on display at Shinjuku's Epsite gallery. "Cosmic" probably describes the effect that Ono wanted his works to have -- ...

Art Sep 19, 2001

Down and about in New York, Tokyo

The 8 x 10 monochrome prints on show at Tokyo's UNAC Salon are hardly eye-poppers, overt only in the sharp, downward angles which drag your eyes to the ground. Image from Tokio Ito's "Fragment" "Interesting things are always found on the ground," photographer Tokio Ito says. ...

Art Jul 22, 2000

Frozen moments of photographers' lives

They might have been shot in a shadowy New York street in the '30s, at a Parisian cafe in the '50s, or in the middle of a Vietnamese battlefield in the '60s . . . The settings and contexts of the 260 photographs currently ...

Art Jun 24, 2000

Glimpses of global tragedies on a long and winding road

A nameless road continues on for thousands of miles under thousands of different skies, wending its way through thousands of different landscapes. Along either side anonymous towns and cities flow by with regularity, like scenes in a photography album sorted by a methodical traveler. It ...

Art Mar 20, 1999

Japanese custodians of French 'Liberty'

On the occasion of French President Jacques Chirac's visit to Japan in 1996, an exchange of national treasures was agreed upon for the 1998-1999 "Year of France in Japan." Following this agreement, Kudara Kannon, a 7th-century 2-meter wooden bodhisattva from Nara's Horyuji Temple, was ...

Art Feb 20, 1999

Exposing the illusion of appearance

Photographer Duane Michals was born into an odd sort of duality in 1932. He was raised in McKeesport, Penn., by devoutly Catholic parents of Czech origin (much like Andy Warhol, whom he would later depict in a series of blurred portraits). Michals' mother, worked ...