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'Look at Me'

Art | ART BRIEF Sep 10, 2010

'Look at Me'

Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography Closes Oct. 3 "Look at Me," the second exhibition in an ongoing series about photographic portraits, takes a big risk by not only limiting itself to a dangerously cliched subject — the nude — but also by drawing exclusively from the ...

So much to soak up in Yamagata

Travel Jul 27, 2003

So much to soak up in Yamagata

OK, let me put this out there: Yamagata-ken, just like any sensible prefecture in Japan, loves tourists. But you get the feeling that Yamagata Prefecture Tourist Division tries a little harder to promote its treasures. They even occasionally invite journalists up for a spin ...

Music Jan 1, 2003

Mash it up, tear it up

The battle over music copyrights continued to rage this year. To combat the song pirates, the record industry unveiled copy-proof CDs and AudioGalaxy, one of the biggest music file-sharing networks in the post-Napster era, was shut down. It was a heavy blow, but MP3 ...


Music | HIGH NOTES Jan 30, 2002


In the land of ubiquitous cell phones, it's hard not to eavesdrop on the chatterboxes around you. Scanner, aka Robin Rimbaud, a British sound artist, has taken technology-abetted voyeurism to another level. Dubbed a "telephone terrorist," he rose to notoriety in the late '90s ...

Music | HIGH NOTES May 2, 2001

Arrested Development

The name of Arrested Development could have become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Bringing intelligent life to the hip-hop scene in 1992 with its debut, "Three Years, 5 Months and 2 Days in the Life of . . . ," this Atlanta-based unit deftly detoured around ...