Lucian Bebchuk

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Commentary Aug 29, 2011

Budget repair and liberal defiance

The residues of liberalism's Wisconsin Woodstock — 1960s radicalism redux: operatic lamentations, theatrical demonstrations and electoral futilities — are words of plaintive defiance painted on sidewalks around the state capitol. "Solidarity forever" was perhaps painted by a graduate student forever at the University of Wisconsin. "Repubs ...

Reader Mail Apr 24, 2011

Capability to think nonnuclear

Reading the April 19 Views From the Street article, "Hiroshima: Should Japan abandon the use of nuclear energy?," I could not help noticing the narrow viewpoint of the featured responses. Are there no alternatives to nuclear? Only if you are unimaginative, narrowminded, or backward orientated. ...

Commentary / World Mar 23, 2010

Political meddling hurts corporate value

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — The U.S. Supreme Court recently struck down limits on the freedom of companies to spend money on political elections. Large, publicly traded companies in other countries also often have a loose rein on their use of corporate resources to influence political ...

Commentary / World Jul 22, 2009

Finance firms letting the good times roll again?

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Goldman Sachs announced this month plans to provide bonuses at record levels, and there are widespread expectations that bonuses and pay in many other firms will rise substantially this year. Should the good times start rolling again so soon? Not without reform. ...

Commentary / World May 19, 2009

Misguided standards of global governance

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — In the wake of last year's global financial meltdown, there is now widespread recognition that inadequate investor protection can significantly affect how stock markets and economies develop, as well as how individual firms perform. The increased focus on improving corporate governance has ...