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Nagano boasts oldest right whale fossil

National Jul 7, 2007

Nagano boasts oldest right whale fossil

Researchers at a museum in Nagano Prefecture possess fossils at least 5 million years old belonging to a cetacean species known as right whales, making them the oldest fossilized remains of the mammal in the world, officials said. The researchers believe the fossilized skull bones ...

National Mar 9, 2006

Clone panel to ban eggs donated by researchers

A science ministry panel preparing guidelines for research on the cloning of human embryos has agreed to ban egg donations by female researchers and their female relatives. Japan banned human cloning in 2001, but lets researchers use human embryos not produced by cloning. In July 2004, ...

National Dec 15, 2005

Cops turn to forensic analysis to catch gropers

Stumped for years by blatant suspects, police are using forensic analysis to hunt down gropers on crowded trains by matching tiny fabric fibers from the perpetrator's palm with the victim's clothes. The technique used by Osaka Prefectural Police helped nab 16 suspects in the first ...

Contract is out on alien fish in moat

National Feb 18, 2003

Contract is out on alien fish in moat

Something fishy is lurking in the near-sacred moat ringing the Imperial Palace -- an invasion of American species that Japan says must be stopped. Fearful that the moat's indigenous fish are being rapidly wiped out by foreign species like bluegill and black bass, the Environment ...