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Tourism upstarts cater to foreign tastes

National Mar 9, 2015

Tourism upstarts cater to foreign tastes

Young entrepreneurs with experience abroad are coming up with tourism services tailored to the tastes and cultural backgrounds of foreign visitors to Kyoto, Osaka and other spots in the Kansai region. "We shouldn't force the Japanese way" of offering hospitality on foreign tourists, said Kentaro ...

National Apr 17, 2010

Private detective agency helps clients track down old flames

OSAKA — Atsuko Sato runs a private detective agency to help clients look for their first love. The agency, appropriately named First Love, searches for people her clients fell in love with for the first time in their lives and spent time with but have ...

National Mar 12, 2010

Osaka cows plum good but a bit pickled

OSAKA — Cows at the Harano stock farm begin to drool at the sight of "ume," the plums used to make the fruity liqueur. As the brown, ripened plums are dropped into their feed, the cows compete with each other to eat them. "They really ...