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Kaz Nagatsuka

Kaz Nagatsuka is a staff writer covering Japanese sports, including Japanese professional baseball, basketball, American football and individual sports. He has covered big sporting events such as the World Baseball Classic, the NFL Super Bowl and soccer’s World Cup. He also works as a freelance sports writer/translator for Japanese magazines and websites. He has college degrees in commerce and journalism.

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Murata ready for 2nd title shot

/ Sep 16, 2017

Murata ready for 2nd title shot

Sports competitions are often considered like chess matches, and when you face the same opponent twice, the second time is different because you and your opponent are going to come at each other with different preparation, tactics and strategy. With a little over a month ...

BigBlue continue to progress

/ Sep 9, 2017

BigBlue continue to progress

IBM BigBlue players and staff were ecstatic after the game and head coach Shinzo Yamada delightfully tapped their shoulders, thanking them for their effort. It was perhaps a little unusual for a football team after it earned just one win, but there was a reason. After ...