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Currency veteran offers BOJ credibility on reflation

Feb 27, 2013

Currency veteran offers BOJ credibility on reflation

The Bank of Japan may pack a bigger punch under Haruhiko Kuroda, an opponent of deflation who ran the nation's currency policy and then built an international reputation leading the Asian Development Bank. Finance Minister Taro Aso told reporters Monday that Kuroda, Prime Minister Shinzo ...

| Dec 18, 2012

DPJ blows chance to establish two-party rule

It took 54 years for the nation's politics to produce a viable opposition party, and 39 months for it to self-destruct after winning power, splintering prospects for an enduring policy-driven two-party system. The Democratic Party of Japan lost three-fourths of its seats in the Lower ...

'Disruptive' Kamei roils markets

Oct 14, 2009

'Disruptive' Kamei roils markets

In more than three weeks since becoming financial services minister, Shizuka Kamei has sent bank stocks plunging, accused the Bank of Japan of sleeping on the job and blamed the nation's biggest business lobby for increasing the murder and suicide rates. His comments have drawn ...