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Film / Reviews May 29, 2009

It was a year of gore galore at Cannes

A surgeon's smock replaced the customary tux or evening gown at this year's Cannes Film Festival as the most appropriate attire, so drenched in blood and gore were many of the major entries. To walk the red carpet became a wade in viscera, film ...

Cannes: sobriety and great excess

Film | RE:VIEW FILM May 29, 2008

Cannes: sobriety and great excess

<< CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 "Why wasn't it in Competition?" The perennial Cannes complaint about some film or other in the market or sidebar was most frequently heard this year in regard to Kurosawa's fine, very flawed "Tokyo Sonata," which ended up in the Un ...

Film | RE:VIEW FILM May 29, 2008

A winner like no other

Every year, Cannes pundits attempt to read the tea leaves on the top prizes by looking not at the films but at the jury: Are its members serious, political, airheads, in any way beholden to producers or agents with a work in competition? This ...