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/ Mar 22, 2016

As Cuba rises, Puerto Rico falls

As the resumption of diplomatic ties with the U.S. opens new possibilities for Cuba, Puerto Rico's current status as a U.S. commonwealth has turned into an ugly dead end.

/ Jan 5, 2015

Why Japan should embrace Angelina Jolie's 'Unbroken'

The attacks on Angelina Jolie's just-released film "Unbroken" — which is much less about Japanese brutality against an American POW than the resilience of the human spirit — appear part of a revisionist recrudescence under the Abe administration.

Pyongyang uses live bait to lure Washington

/ Oct 24, 2014

Pyongyang uses live bait to lure Washington

For new talks to succeed with North Korea, the U.S. must expend more energy getting South Korea and Japan, barely on speaking terms, to get along, and end its policy of doing nothing while the North becomes more dangerous.

/ Mar 14, 2014

Japan should make disaster the mother of invention

In the decades since World War II ended, Japan has repeatedly demonstrated its technological genius. So why does it treat the 3-year-old Fukushima nuclear tragedy as a farce by pushing to reopen many of its 48 commercial reactors instead of driving to achieve sustainable ...