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Environment Jan 29, 2004

Japan's longliners devastate world squid stocks

It was early spring 1968, I had received a Fulbright Foundation educational grant to produce a 16mm movie about Japanese fisheries. The grant provided for the latest "state-of-the-art" Canon 16mm movie camera (there were no video cameras in those days), and with it I ...

Our oceans' ecology is all at sea

Environment Oct 30, 2003

Our oceans' ecology is all at sea

For many years, I have been attempting to inform people that our life-supporting oceanic wildlife is being rapidly destroyed by human misuse and overuse. I came to this conclusion not simply by reading reports written by faraway scientists, but by sadly watching my own research ...

What's natural about shizen?

Environment Jul 31, 2003

What's natural about shizen?

As anyone with an iota of awareness and no partisan ax to grind must surely know by now, this planet's nature is in danger of being mostly destroyed within the next century, with catastrophic consequences for human life. However, as I have worked more and ...

Environment Dec 12, 2002

Mobbing comes naturally, too

Some years ago, while doing research on angelfish on the Papuan Barrier Reef, I was lying on a white sandy bottom 30 meters down observing males competing for females during the sunset spawning time. After a lengthy period of motionless observation, I moved my right ...

Cleanups are only drops in the ocean

Environment Nov 14, 2002

Cleanups are only drops in the ocean

The year was 1980. I was conducting fish research on the Great Barrier Reef, off Cape York in Queensland, northeastern Australia. After a lengthy dive, I decided to take a short rest and then explore a small, unoccupied sandy islet nearby for signs of ...

Distant decimations

Environment Nov 7, 2002

Distant decimations

Due to the volcanic eruption at the beginning of July 2000, it's been a fairly long time since I experienced a normal Miyakejima summer. Miyakejima, my island home for many years before that, was beautiful in summer, with lush green forests, numerous birds and ...

Farming out death

Environment Oct 31, 2002

Farming out death

Man years ago, while doing research related to environmental assessments of the Shiraho coral reef on Ishigaki Island, I witnessed an extreme example of a destructive human impact on a pristine, unspoiled reef. I was on the island in the south of the Nansei archipelago, ...

How is marine Miyakejima now?

Environment Sep 29, 2002

How is marine Miyakejima now?

In early July 2000, Miyakejima Island's 7,000-year-old volcano roared back to life. Continual eruptions led to the entire population being evacuated over the next two months as emissions of very fine, extremely heavy ash were replaced by lethal gases gushing daily from a new ...

Environment Aug 25, 2002

The decline and fall of biodiversity

In Johannesburg over the next few weeks, the biggest talk fest there's ever been will ensure that few people on the planet remain unaware of environmental issues such as global warming, sustainability and rapidly decreasing biodiversity. Among these key issues, though, the outcome of the ...

Environment Aug 8, 2002

Rules with teeth required to save a natural splendor

Mikura Island, the southernmost of the Izu Islands south of Tokyo, which are administered by the metropolitan government, is a natural-history treasure house of global value. Though it is best-known for its community of 200-odd bottlenose dolphins, the island's terrestrial flora and fauna is also ...