Hisanori Hamamura

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National Oct 30, 2001

Wireless LANs benefit rural areas

Wireless networks using radio waves to link computers are rapidly spreading to regional areas without easy access to the latest broadband services. This image taken from a Web site run by the village of Agawa, Kochi Prefecture, shows elderly citizens learning to use personal computers. Wireless ...

National Oct 24, 2000

Internet site helps blind to connect

Being blind doesn't slow Osamu Miyazono down much -- the Internet was still untested water for most Japanese when he started logging on five years ago. Now he gets some 50 e-mails a day. Of course, the point-and-click system doesn't serve the 26-year-old acupuncturist very ...

National Oct 20, 2000

Web schoolmate-finder flourishes

If you are Japanese and want to "meet" your old schoolmates, try accessing www.yubitoma.co.jp on the Internet, a virtual alumni association Web site with more than 1.3 million members. The site -- "Gather around this finger," popularly known as "yubitoma" -- was created in May ...