Hisahiko Okazaki

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Commentary / Japan Jul 29, 2013

Japan could soften U.S. cuts

Settling Japan's right to a "collective self-defense" is destined to become of vital interest to the United States as it carries out mandatory defense budget cuts.

Commentary / Japan Apr 23, 2013

Conservative tasks in Japan

As the first conservative government in Japan for a long time, the Abe Cabinet faces two major tasks, including departing from the postwar regime on security.

Commentary Sep 29, 2012

Two missed opportunities for Japan in island disputes

Since I have been requested to express my views on the territorial issues concerning the Takeshima islets and Senkaku Islands on several occasions recently, I thought it opportune to compile them into one coherent argument. At the outset, readers should be informed that I have ...

Commentary Jun 5, 2012

Fighting peace for Taiwan

Four months after the presidential elections in Taiwan, there is a big difference when comparing the aftereffects of the elections in 2008 to those in 2012. Four years ago, there was a sense of crisis over the situation surrounding the Strait of Taiwan. Now the ...

Commentary Sep 19, 2011

Stronger defense for region

Although the original version of this article was written for a Japanese daily, I initially had American readers in my mind as the main target of my argument. In his first telephone conversation with the newly appointed Prime Minister Noda Yoshihiko, U.S. President Barack Obama ...

Commentary Mar 3, 2011

What has become of Japan?

Recently, I had a most bizarre experience. I was walking down a street when a total stranger approached me and asked, "What will become of Japan?" And this happened not once but three times. Under a normal circumstance, those three people would have simply ...

Commentary Oct 5, 2010

Mr. Kan, stop wasting time

It has taken the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) two long months to settle on the continuation of Kan Naoto as prime minister. Whatever past grudges or future intricacies might exist, the Kan Cabinet must get down to work without further delay. It is excruciating ...

Commentary May 3, 2010

Untold ties of friendship exist between Okinawa and the U.S.

The baseball team from Konan High School, Okinawa, emerged from the dramatic final game as the winner of the annual National High School Baseball Championship for spring 2010. There is an untold story behind this victory. When, much to the dismay of the players, the ...