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Apr 22, 2012

Keep the wrecking ball at bay

I like Tokyo Tower. I will get used to the Tokyo Sky Tree (public opening due May 22), but for now I feel more for the familiar graceful lines and the more humane proportions of the older tower. It is an architectural icon, and ...

/ Nov 25, 2011

Why the EU's fall is more likely than the euro's

European politics has become a giant Jenga game. Since June 2010 governments have fallen in the Netherlands, Slovakia, Belgium, Ireland, Finland, Portugal, Slovenia, Greece and Italy. The question is not who'll be next. That's easy. (Spain's Socialist government was pulverized in Sunday's elections.) The ...

Jan 23, 2011

Beyond the protests in another 'Arab regime'

SEATTLE — When faced with problems, most authoritarian regimes maintain a policy of rigidity when the appropriate response should be flexibility, political wisdom and concessions. In this way, authoritarian leaders can control their populations to serve the interests of a few individuals and political ...

/ Jan 19, 2011

Hu's momentous U.S. visit

HONG KONG — The pomp and circumstance marking President Hu Jintao's arrival in Washington could define a dangerous moment in relations between the United States and China. Political hype and pressures could easily poison the atmosphere and prevent progress on the proliferation of business, ...

/ Mar 25, 2010

Wanted: more Japanese in the World Bank

WASHINGTON — My visit to Japan (through May 26) comes at a time of momentous challenges for global development. The worst of the economic crisis appears to be behind us, but the recovery remains fragile and uneven. In the developing world, 43 poor countries ...

Sep 27, 2009

Short shrift to suicide prevention

Regarding the Sept. 20 article "Now suicide has become a political issue, how will Japan address it?": It is refreshing to see an article on suicide in Japan focus on the fact that it takes political will for any nation to bring about any ...

Sep 13, 2009

Accomplices in promoting folly

How can a citizen know that what he reads, sees and hears from the media is accurate and fair? That's the question triggered by Hiroaki Sato's Aug. 30 article, "Media connivance in walking the dogs of war." What, indeed, do we learn ...

Jan 11, 2009

Education methods don't work

Regarding the Jan. 7 editorial "New high school guidelines": While it is refreshing to see the education ministry finally emphasize English education in a way that promotes actual communication in the language, it is incredibly frustrating as a teacher "in the trenches" to know ...

Aug 15, 2008

Ways of beating malaria without using DDT

NEW YORK — Malaria continues to be endemic in the developing world, causing more than 1 million deaths every year, mostly among children living in Sub-Saharan countries. Because of the failure to develop a truly effective vaccine against malaria, public health intervention remains focused on ...

/ Mar 18, 2008

Sentimental barrier to economic growth

Protectionist sentiment and fear of globalization are on the rise. In the United States, presidential candidates appeal to anxious voters by blaming the North American Free Trade Agreement for the erosion of the country's manufacturing base. Liberal trade initiatives have run into trouble in ...