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Decision time nears for Philippine EPA

National Jan 22, 2008

Decision time nears for Philippine EPA

Proponents are hoping the Philippine Senate in the coming weeks will ratify the proposed free-trade agreement with Japan, arguing that even though the country may gain little initially from the pact, it stands to lose greatly as other nations in the area join in ...

National / History Nov 1, 2007

Philippine naval battle dead remembered

Japanese military personnel who died in naval battles with U.S. forces during World War II were remembered last week at a ceremony unveiling a historical marker in the southern Philippines where many were cremated. Historians and war veterans say as many as 500 Japanese sailors ...

National Aug 3, 2007

Manila art exhibit 'interrupts' sex slave trauma

Art for art's sake is not the maxim of an international group of artists using their works to "interrupt" the trauma of the "comfort women" forced into sexual slavery at Japanese military brothels during the war. Central to the theme of "Trauma, Interrupted," a contemporary ...

Medical workers may be losers in FTA

Business Sep 9, 2006

Medical workers may be losers in FTA

MANILA (Kyodo) Philippine officials may be upbeat about finalizing the bilateral free-trade agreement with Japan this weekend, but there is some concern that the country's medical workers will be the losers in the deal. The FTA will mean freer movement of people between the two ...