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Business Jul 16, 2002

Stock falls spell bargains

Stocks are falling sharply worldwide, evidently reflecting worries over accounting scandals in corporate America. Investors appear to be panic-stricken and fleeing from the stock market. Composure is needed especially under the current situation. As only a limited number of companies were involved in accounting ...

Business Jun 11, 2002

Investors warned to take defensive stance

Although a government report released last week shows a strong economic pickup in the first quarter, skepticism remains. According to the report, the nation's gross domestic product rose 1.4 percent in the January-March quarter, after allowing for inflation. The quarterly growth translated into an annualized rate ...

Business | TAKING STOCK May 8, 2002

Time for caution, not imprudent optimism

After holding out for some time against market adjustments in the United States and Europe, Tokyo stock prices fell broadly Tuesday amid fears of contagion from this week's tumble in New York share prices. Bullish investors had counted on an economic recovery, improving corporate earnings ...

Business | TAKING STOCK Apr 2, 2002

Strong start doesn't ease fears

The Tokyo stock market rang in the new fiscal year on a positive note Monday, ignoring worries about the underlying economic reality. An increasing number of market participants are turning bullish, reacting positively to the recent government package of measures to fight deflation. Indeed, with worries ...

Business | TAKING STOCK Feb 26, 2002

Banks to need public funds

The question now is whether the government should inject public funds into banks anew to stabilize the financial system. The Cabinet of Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi has concluded that this is unnecessary at present, although his ministers' views conflicted. In a rare move, Bank of Japan ...

Business | TAKING STOCK Jan 8, 2002

Sense of crisis means steps are in the offing

The Tokyo stock market finds itself in a do-or-die situation at the beginning of the new year. Spreads in credit have widened sharply in the wake of U.S. energy giant Enron Corp.'s collapse, making it extremely difficult for companies with low credit ratings to finance ...

Business | TAKING STOCK Nov 13, 2001

Bank stocks looking grim

Bank stocks are floundering amid concerns over the limited progress being made in the disposal of bad loans. The special inspections by financial authorities into problem loans are expected to force banks to boost loan-loss reserves, with many banks feared to fall into capital shortages ...

Business | TAKING STOCK Oct 2, 2001

Reforms still in wait mode

The terrorist attacks in the United States sent shock waves through stock markets around the world. The Tokyo market, however, has maintained a relative stability as it was experiencing steeper falls in stock prices than other major markets overseas before the Sept. 11 attacks, while ...

Business | TAKING STOCK Aug 21, 2001

Credit-easing steps by BOJ give light relief

The Tokyo stock market staged a strong rebound earlier last week, reacting positively to the Bank of Japan's decision to further ease its grip on credit. At its policy-setting board meeting Tuesday, the BOJ decided to raise the target for commercial banks' reserves in its ...

Business Jun 12, 2001

Earnings to decline in 2001

Many companies are forecasting a leveling-off of profits on a pretax basis for the current business year. According to projections, profits will fall in the first half of the year, but a sharp pickup in the second will offset this. This scenario is too optimistic to ...