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Jun 24, 2001

Spanish city puts its foot down on dog-do plague

MADRID -- To keep them clean, most cities have their own army of street cleaners. More meticulous cities employ leaf blowers and tree-branch cutters. Madrid goes so far as to employ its own force of dog-poop cleaners. Riding scooters with high-powered vacuum cleaners on the ...

Jan 31, 2001

Britain's secondhand bookshop Mecca

Tottenham Court Road and Charing Cross may be the book centers of London, but the Mecca for secondhand books in Britain is on the English/Welsh border. With more than 30 secondhand bookshops, tiny Hay-on-Wye bills itself as the "town of books." Hay-On-Way in Wales is ...

Oct 21, 2000

Songs and sausages in Balkan backwoods

KOPRIVSHTITSA, Bulgaria -- Bulgaria may be one of the worst places to visit in Europe if you're looking for an advanced level of economic development, but it is a great place to go if you want a music festival where you can take off ...

Jul 2, 2000

Lovers of blood and sand form Tauro Tokyo Club

There are a huge variety of clubs in Japan. Table-tennis clubs and social dance clubs, hostess clubs and clubs where you can polish up your karaoke. But there is only one club devoted to the art of bullfighting. Once a month the members of ...

Dec 9, 1999

Rise and fall of a Japanese matador

SEVILLE, Spain -- Atsuhiro Shimoyama never planned on becoming a bullfighter. Growing up in the greater Tokyo region in the late 1980s, he opted out of going to college, and instead bummed around searching for something meaningful to do during Japan's wildly inflating bubble ...

Nov 3, 1998

Lower costs fuel boom in exotic, quirky overseas weddings

Regional correspondent KYOTO -- More than ever before, Japanese couples are opting to say "I do" and "Until death do us part" in established and specially constructed Christian churches around the globe -- sometimes in the most unexpected places. AWB White Weddings, with a customer base ...