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Language | BILINGUAL Apr 22, 2009

An era of translation by everybody, for everybody

The Internet has brought us closer together than ever before, or so the cliche goes. But has it really? In one way, at least, it hasn't. Language barriers, the Internet's last frontiers, continue to trump technology, marking out dividing lines online just as they do ...

Tokyo's 'video people' come together

Digital | TECHNOLOGY Feb 6, 2008

Tokyo's 'video people' come together

On Jan. 27, a new keyword climbed to the top of the rankings in Japan to steal first place on the blog search engine Technorati. Dougajin — literally "Video People" — was the name coined by organizers of Japan's first video-blogging event, held one ...

Japan toughens up on Internet regulation

Digital | TECHNOLOGY Jan 16, 2008

Japan toughens up on Internet regulation

In a country with one of the world's most vibrant Internet cultures, rumblings of change in the way that online information is managed, controlled and regulated is causing concern for many. A series of reports and meetings last month signaled a potentially far-reaching transformation in ...