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Hong Kong limits public information as China exerts control

Asia Pacific Apr 1, 2021

Hong Kong limits public information as China exerts control

Hong Kong institutions are further restricting public access to information, raising concerns over transparency as China increases its grip over the Asian financial hub. The most significant change is a government proposal to restrict public access to the Companies Registry, limiting the information to correspondence ...

Reader Mail Sep 25, 2011

Monitoring of cesium in food

It's good to see The Japan Times covering the issue of radiation in food. Tomoko Otake's Sept. 20 article, "Hold the cesium: ways to reduce radiation in your diet," contained useful information, but I would take issue with one point. Otake writes that "since the ...

Commentary Jul 4, 2011

U.S. policy sidelines Gaza

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has made a series of stern and fiery statements recently, giving the impression that war is somehow upon us once again. Oddly, Clinton's sudden reappearance into the Middle East diplomacy scene was triggered by the brave attempts of peace ...