Audrey Mcavoy

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Tarawa refuses to give up war dead easily

National Oct 11, 2010

Tarawa refuses to give up war dead easily

HONOLULU — Forensic anthropologist Gregory Fox and his team sifted dirt on the remote Pacific atoll of Tarawa at what they thought might be the graves of U.S. Marines and sailors killed in one of World War II's most savage battles. They unearthed instead a ...

Pearl Harbor survivor back after 68 years

National Dec 8, 2009

Pearl Harbor survivor back after 68 years

HONOLULU — Ed Johann will always remember the sound of planes diving out of the sky to bomb U.S. battleships, the explosions and the screams of sailors. He still recalls the stench of burning oil and flesh. The 86-year-old retired firefighter was due to return ...

Business Apr 21, 2005

Japanese firms' answer to undersea energy rivalry: share

Tense relations between Japan and China risk being further inflamed by their competing claims to undersea natural gas and oil deposits. But Japanese energy executives say the two sides should try what companies battling for ownership of natural resources often do: share. "Standard oil-and-gas industry practice ...

Business Mar 10, 2005

Foreign CEO signifies a more globalized Japan

First it was Mazda, then Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors. Now it's Sony. Some of the biggest names in once notoriously insular corporate Japan have tapped foreigners as leaders, underlining a new flexibility shaped by globalization and years of economic malaise. Japanese companies have increasingly been turning ...

Business Oct 25, 2004

Japan's drive for efficiency takes sting out of fuel prices

Dotted with energy-efficient factories and fuel-saving cars, Japan has been less affected by surging oil prices than most wealthy countries. Stung by the "oil shocks" of 1973 and 1979, the government has spent the past few decades urging businesses and consumers to save energy and ...

Racist or realist, Ishihara vents his spleen

National Oct 6, 2004

Racist or realist, Ishihara vents his spleen

Tokyo Gov. Shintaro Ishihara is a gracious host, settling comfortably into a white leather chair and patiently listening to a question from a visitor. Then he opens his mouth, launching into a tirade. China is "very dangerous," he thunders. Japan's critics are "just jealous." Tokyo's bloody ...

National Mar 19, 2003

North Korea survives on Japan lifeline

Yoshiaki Saito points to a row of live crabs at the front of his shop in Tokyo's largest seafood market. "Those are from Russia, those from Japan," he says. "And these are from North Korea." Most Japanese would be surprised. Japan and North Korea have little in ...