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The white rose that blossoms in the rain

Lifestyle Oct 6, 2019

The white rose that blossoms in the rain

White Rose Co. invented the plastic umbrella in the 1950s when Mitsuo Sudo was inspired by vinyl tablecloths brought to Japan by occupation forces. Now it's just one of few makers weathering the storm of cheap, mass-produced imports.

Debate over Japan's extinct wolf grows

Environment Sep 13, 2019

Debate over Japan's extinct wolf grows

An unidentified animal howl recorded in the Okuchichibu mountains bears a strong resemblance to a wolf howl, according to an analysis of audio samples provided by Hiroshi Yagi, an independent researcher who has been working to prove the existence of the officially extinct Japanese ...

<em>Chindonya:</em> The beat goes on

Culture Aug 3, 2019

Chindonya: The beat goes on

Flaunting a crisp white kimono embroidered with flowers and a ferocious-looking lion-dog, Hisashi Nagata beats a chindon taiko drum set strapped to his chest as his similarly kimono-clad wife, Mika, chats with curious onlookers while handing them leaflets for a new izakaya (Japanese pub) ...