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Oct 24, 2014
Kenny G runs afoul of Xi's artist crackdown
Chinese President Xi Jinping has launched a Maoist campaign against art and artists whom he judges as having "negative social impact." Saxman Kenny G, who is super popular in China, ran afoul of the authorities this week when he tweeted images of himself visiting protesters in Hong Kong.
Oct 21, 2014
Uneaten food threatens China's environment
Despite the fact that 11.5 percent of the China mainland's population was undernourished between 2010 and 2012, Chinese still manage to waste more food grains than Americans on an annual basis.
Sep 12, 2014
Asteroid-mining race starts with few laws in place
Nobody is expected to start mining asteroids this decade, but the U.S. Congress is to hold hearings on the Asteroids Act, legislation that takes a simple line: If you extract a resource from an asteroid, it's yours.
Aug 30, 2014
California ban on plastic bags is full of hot air
California legislators' efforts to impose America's first statewide ban on single-use plastic bags smack of an easy way to demonstrate concern for the environment without requiring too much of their constituents or local businesses.
Aug 28, 2014
Xi using drug campaign as new political tool
The highly publicized arrests and confessions in President Xi JInping anti-drug use campaign play an important propaganda role, contrasting Xi's administration against the supposedly more permissive governments that preceded it.
Aug 24, 2014
Topping the pops not as hard as it used to be
Disney's almighty Marvel Entertainment Group musters its superpowers to transform a motley collection of AM radio hits from the 1970s into the No. 1 pop music album in the U.S.
Aug 22, 2014
Can the Chinese help save Africa's elephants?
Over the last two years, restaurants in Shanghai have dropped shark fin from their menus amid an awareness campaign against the shark-fin trade. Could a similar campaign curb the Chinese public's demand for ivory and help to save Africa's elephants?
Aug 15, 2014
China outsourcing its dirty work to U.S. military
There's little that the Chinese government likes less than the projection of U.S. military power, yet Beijing offers grudging support for U.S. efforts to safeguard Iraqi sovereignty with airstrikes against Islamic State jihadists.
Aug 1, 2014
Communist roots of China's capitalist corruption
Official voices and microbloggers are becoming more comfortable discussing the broad and entrenched nature of corruption in China. Meanwhile, personalities remain at the heart of President Xi Jinping's current anti-corruption purge.
Jul 29, 2014
Why I'll be flying again on Malaysia Airlines
Despite losing its second airliner in four months, Malaysia Airlines says its generous refund policy for 2014 has not resulted in a surge in requests for refunds. There is good reason for that.
Jul 21, 2014
Coca-Cola pays expats to breathe China's air
It's hard to believe that the 15 percent bonus Coca-Cola is said to be offering will do much to help it attract or retain expatriate employees to breathe China's polluted air.
Jul 12, 2014
Is China really set on another Olympics?
One would have expected some civic joy at Monday's news that Beijing is listed as one of three candidate finalists to host the 2022 Winter Olympics. Curiously, though, that news has been hard to find in China.
Jun 18, 2014
China's mixed messages to Taiwan, Hong Kong
China has released a document that fundamentally alters the meaning of its promise of "one country, two systems" to both Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Jun 14, 2014
Chinese World Cup woes provoke self-doubt
China's long-suffering soccer fans keep looking for proxies at World Cup time, all the while grumbling under their breaths about the government's control-freak approach to choosing athletes for the national team and a lack of youth developmental leagues outside of the official system.
Jun 4, 2014
China wields history as weapon, except on June 4
For China, history is a weapon to use against other countries, but it keeps a curtain of silence drawn around the events that transpired in Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989.
May 19, 2014
Trash troubles pile up in China's Garbage Era
Chinese consumers, as much if not more than industry or the government, are at the root of the country's solid-waste problem. Yet protests over garbage incinerators, as an alternative to landfills, are turning violent.
May 3, 2014
China starts, loses unprovoked Twitter war
China loses an unprovoked war on Twitter after a semi-retired Twitter account of mostly Sinophiles suggests that a solemnly worded Twitter message fron the People's Daily, the Chinese Communist Party's official mouthpiece, is a parody.
Apr 26, 2014
Chinese who chicken out over duck blood
No matter how weird or disgusting the food scandal in rural China, it'll almost certainly happen again if profitable. The latest involves a "mom and pop" duck blood counterfeiting ring.
Apr 21, 2014
China wages media war around missing jet
A "news media war" has broken out in China over the hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, as loyal local news outlets face an abstract entity commonly known in China as the "foreign media."
Mar 4, 2014
China gives U.S. ambassador a racist send-off
What could've ignited the state-owned China News Service to bid farewell to the ethnically Chinese, outgoing U.S. ambassador with a pseudonymous news item referring to him as a "yellow-skinned, white-hearted banana man"?


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