Nidal al-Mughrabi
Palestinians at the site of an Israeli strike on a house in Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip, on Tuesday
WORLD / Politics
Oct 25, 2023
World leaders seek pause in Israeli strikes on Hamas for Gaza aid
Deadly clashes have intensified between multiple parties, with wider conflict posing a risk to security in a region key to global energy supplies.
Mourners bury children and their father, who were killed during Israeli airstrikes on their home, in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, on Monday
WORLD / Politics
Oct 24, 2023
Israel steps up attacks as U.S. urges 'continuous flow' of Gaza aid
European leaders looked set to follow the U.N. and Arab nations in calling for a 'humanitarian pause' in hostilities to deliver aid.
A view of destroyed houses in the Beit Hanoun district of Gaza Strip as seen from Sderot, Israel, on Saturday.
WORLD / Politics
Oct 23, 2023
Israel strikes Gaza and Lebanon as Netanyahu convenes generals
Israel has amassed tanks and troops near the fenced border around Gaza for a planned ground invasion aiming to annihilate Hamas.
People gather at the site of the al-Ahli al-Arabi hospital in central Gaza on Wednesday in the aftermath of an overnight strike there.
Oct 19, 2023
U.S. reports deal to restart aid to Gaza as protests rock Mideast
The region remained volatile in the aftermath of an explosion at a Gaza hospital, which Palestinian officials said killed 471 people.
U.S. President Joe Biden holds a bilateral meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the sidelines of the 78th U.N. General Assembly in New York on Sept. 20.
WORLD / Politics
Oct 17, 2023
Biden to visit Israel as Gaza war sparks humanitarian crisis
Biden's visit will mark a significant show of U.S. support for its top Middle East ally.
A ball of fire and smoke rises during an Israeli strike on the Gaza Strip on Monday.
WORLD / Politics
Oct 16, 2023
Gaza border crossing set to reopen before Israeli ground assault
Hundreds of metric tons of aid from several countries have been held up in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula for days, pending a deal for its safe delivery to Gaza.
Smoke billows following Israeli strikes amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, in Gaza, on Friday.
WORLD / Politics
Oct 13, 2023
Israel calls for all civilians to leave Gaza City
Israeli said it would operate "significantly" in the coming days and that civilians would only be able to return when another announcement was made.
Israeli soldiers prepare for a mission outside Be’eri, a kibbutz that was overrun by Hamas militants on Saturday, in Israel, on Thursday.
WORLD / Politics
Oct 13, 2023
Israeli army to confront resilient foe in anticipated Gaza invasion
Israel's generals will look to lessons learned from past ground offensives in 2008 and 2014.
A dove flies over the debris of houses destroyed in Israeli strikes, in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip on Wednesday.
Oct 12, 2023
Gazans bombarded by Israel have no hope and no escape
The Palestinian territory, one of the most crowded places on Earth, has been under siege since Saturday in a near-constant bombardment.
Houses and buildings destroyed by Israeli strikes in Gaza City, on Tuesday
WORLD / Politics
Oct 10, 2023
Israel pounds Gaza with fiercest airstrikes ever
Israel pounded the Gaza Strip with the fiercest airstrikes in the 75-year history of its conflict with the Palestinians, razing whole districts to dust.
A man stands in front of a damaged shop in Tel Aviv after it was hit by a rocket fired by Palestinian militants from the Gaza Strip on Saturday.
Oct 8, 2023
In attack, Hamas strikes Israel and regional security realignment
Saturday's assault coincides with U.S.-backed moves to push Saudi Arabia toward normalizing ties with Israel.
Japan Times
Jan 6, 2023
New Arab allies face quandary as Israel shifts hard to the right
As some in Israel's government seek to annex the occupied West Bank, Arab states have to balance their new partnership with historic support for Palestinian aspirations.
Japan Times
May 18, 2021
COVID-19 and conflict: Gaza's hospitals strained on two fronts
While Israel has fully inoculated about 55% of its 9.3 million people, Gaza received about 110,000 doses, or enough for 55,000 people, health officials say.
Japan Times
Nov 23, 2018
Divided by war, young Israelis and Gazans tell their stories via Instagram
In another part of the world they might have gone to the same schools or be sharing WiFi in the same coffee shops.
Japan Times
May 15, 2018
Israeli forces kill 41 in Gaza protests as anger mounts over U.S. Embassy
Israeli forces killed at least 41 Palestinians along the Gaza border on Monday as angry protesters demonstrated at the frontier hours on the day the United States opened its embassy in Jerusalem, health officials said.
Japan Times
Aug 5, 2014
Israel withdraws troops, 72-hour Gaza truce begins
Israel pulled its ground forces out of the Gaza Strip on Tuesday and started a 72-hour cease-fire with Hamas mediated by Egypt as a first step toward negotiations on a more enduring end to the month-old war.


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