John Chalmers
Japan Times
Mar 3, 2022
Historic EU move to provide arms to Ukraine seen as 'paradigm shift' for the bloc
The weapons funding plan marks the first time the European Union, founded to uphold peace after World War II, has collectively provided arms to a third country.
Japan Times
Sep 2, 2021
Afghanistan pullout spurs EU to revive rapid reaction force
The chaotic withdrawal of Western forces from Afghanistan has shown that the European Union needs to intervene militarily in a crisis without relying on U.S. troops, senior EU officials say.
Japan Times
Apr 21, 2021
How the WHO's push for global vaccines needled Europe
The EU's ambivalence stems partly from short supplies and a slack start to the COVAX program, but also from concerns that the EU's efforts will go unnoticed in a vaccine diplomacy war.
Japan Times
Jan 21, 2020
Alphabet CEO backs temporary ban on facial recognition but Microsoft boss disagrees
The European Union's proposal for a temporary ban on facial recognition technology won backing from Alphabet Inc. Chief Executive Sundar Pichai on Monday but got a cool response from Microsoft Corp. President Brad Smith.
Japan Times
WORLD / Politics / FOCUS
Aug 21, 2019
Trump or Europe? New U.K. leader Boris Johnson to sample post-Brexit reality at G7 summit
Boris Johnson is about to feel the pinch of Brexit Britain's new global status: squeezed on one side by Europeans in no mood to yield, and on the other by a United States driving a hard bargain for its economic support.
Nov 16, 2018
Trump's summit no-show at ASEAN draws Asian nations closer together
U.S. President Donald Trump didn't make it to this week's summit of Asian nations in Singapore, but his influence was still keenly felt among the leaders who gathered in the city.
Japan Times
May 7, 2018
Clash of political titans Mahathir Mohamad and Najib Razak brings a gripping election to Malaysia
Malaysia's general election on Wednesday will be an extraordinary contest, pitting a 92-year-old former authoritarian leader and a jailed reformist he fell out with 20 years ago against a prime minister who has been mired in a multibillion-dollar scandal.
Japan Times
ASIA PACIFIC / Crime & Legal
Dec 18, 2016
Meth gangs of China play starring role in Philippines drug crisis
It was around 10 a.m. on Sept. 22 when the raid on the pig farm began. Accompanied by fire and sanitation officials, a police team entered the compound at the foot of the extinct volcano Mount Arayat, north of Manila, on the pretext they were conducting a safety inspection.


People wait for the main act to begin at Summer Sonic, which holds simultaneous music festivals for those in Tokyo and Osaka.
Can Japan's summer music festivals adapt to a post-pandemic reality?