Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson is the managing editor of The Japan Times, where he has worked since the birth of HTML. Once upon a time, he was on the features desk and wrote regularly about culture and technology. He can be found on way too many social platforms, including Mastodon,, Bluesky and Threads.
LIFE / Digital / CYBERIA
Jul 28, 1999
The little claimer that could
While companies, especially computer makers, have been eager to promote the Internet as a global bazaar and amusement park rolled into one, they are quickly learning that there's a little more to it than that. The tools that are supposed to help the customer are the same ones that can empower the unhappy...
LIFE / Digital / CYBERIA
Jul 14, 1999
Lost and found fnords
The Net is a terrific reference tool. There, I said it, the obvious. It's like stating that you should use a saw to cut down a tree. But have you ever tried to do an online search for the currency of Bhutan in the 18th century, who did the music for "The Third Man," the meaning of CLEP, DHCP or DQMOT...
LIFE / Digital / CYBERIA
Jun 23, 1999
On the fringe of the fray
I had dinner with two friends last week and eventually the conversation came around to the Web (I generally try to avoid the topic in polite conversation but what can you do?). Anyone overhearing our conversation might have thought we were a trio of hopeless geeks, or digerati wannabes, but the truth...
LIFE / Digital / CYBERIA
Jun 16, 1999
Vocal as we wanna be
"The process of tying two items together is the important thing," wrote Vannevar Bush in a seminal essay titled "As We Think," published in The Atlantic Monthly in 1945. Bush described a hypothetical device that would allow the storage and retrieval of data, the memory of mankind. It would be constructed...
LIFE / Digital / CYBERIA
Jun 2, 1999
But are you experienced?
Remember how online art used to be one of ballyhooed features of our new and improved lives on the Internet? We talked of visiting faraway museums, browsing rarely seen masterpieces, hyper-annotated with curatorial notes and historical contexts. Similarly enticing was the promise of new media and art...
LIFE / Digital / CYBERIA
May 19, 1999
Voices in the machine
In the hyperaccelerated world of "news," my topic -- the Littleton, Colo., massacre -- may seem dated. But in living rooms, classrooms, legislatures and, of course, on the Net, the aftershocks are still reverberating
LIFE / Digital / CYBERIA
May 5, 1999
Looking for something?
Run a Web search and what do you get? Often it's a lot more than you bargained for. I'm not talking about the reams of irrelevant, redundant and irretrievable data that often gets tangled in your throw net. (You should know by now that you're bound to get a certain amount of this stuff no matter how...
LIFE / Digital / CYBERIA
Apr 21, 1999
Under your skin
Take a second, forget about trash-can icons and QWERTY keyboards and ponder the real interface -- our future interaction with technology. How will we navigate the infosphere in 10 years? Will we use mouses or cursors controlled by biofeedback? Will our browser windows be square and scrolled or dynamically...
LIFE / Digital / CYBERIA
Apr 7, 1999
I am what I spam
Tom Clancy couldn't have weaved a better web of suspense and intrigue. It had everything: a villain working under a string of shadowy aliases; news hype mixed with general chaos; an FBI manhunt led by expert freelance bloodhounds
LIFE / Digital / CYBERIA
Mar 24, 1999
Degrees of separation
You could say they have an affliction. You've probably bumped into them on the street. That is, they bump into you, because they often walk with their eyes fixated on their task, oblivious to any obstacles in their path. You've definitely overheard them chatting on trains, in coffee shops, perhaps even...
LIFE / Digital / CYBERIA
Mar 10, 1999
And the winners aren't ...
A stunned Webmaster rises from his seat, shaking his head in disbelief. As he makes his way to the aisle, fellow programmers and designers pat him heartily on the back and shake his hand. After accepting his trophy from a cybercelebrity, he stands there speechless, and finally says with a trembling voice,...
LIFE / Digital / CYBERIA
Feb 10, 1999
You've got e-mess!
Calling the Internet a borderless world isn't far from the truth, but try saying that every time you get an e-mail you can't read. You know, one of those buggers that is full of incomprehensible code or one that has a mysterious file attached that refuses to open no matter how hard you click it.
LIFE / Digital / CYBERIA
Jan 27, 1999
Links you can trust
In the past few months, this column has addressed the trend of "portals," those jump-station sites where you're supposed to begin your journey onto the Web. Although hasn't officially become a portal, it is where I often begin my Web sessions. I go to read Wired's superior tech features, but...
LIFE / Digital / CYBERIA
Jan 13, 1999
We ski, Web ski
I've got a problem, and rather than just let it smolder, I figured the best way to confront it is to go public
Japan Times
Jun 13, 1996
Hallo Spaceboy, welcome back to Earth
The man is back — back in Japan and back from the brink of mediocrity.


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