Kristina Cooke
Japan Times
May 1, 2023
How a fake ID repeatedly enabled Hyundai suppliers to employ child labor in Alabama
The employment for a migrant minor at a major manufacturer illustrates the difficulties regulators face amid a surge in illegal child labor in the United States.
Japan Times
Feb 2, 2023
Afghans seeking haven in U.S. skyrocket despite risky passage through 11 countries
More than a year after the chaotic withdrawal, hundreds each month are risking their lives to reach U.S. soil on a human smuggling route notorious for kidnapping, robbery and assault.
Japan Times
Jan 7, 2023
Biden's new border plan undercuts campaign vow to restore asylum access
Initial backlash to Biden's policy shift also signals it could be challenged in court, from both those who favor restricting immigration and advocates for asylum-seekers.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Companies
Nov 8, 2022
How corporate chiefs dodge lawsuits over sexual abuse and deadly products
Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s rape conviction landed him in prison. Allegations of serial sexual abuse cost him his career and his movie studio. His company went bankrupt and later settled legal claims by about 50 women.
Japan Times
WORLD / Science & Health
Aug 14, 2021
As American schools shut down due to COVID-19, 911 drug calls for youth skyrocketed
Last year, the rate of drug-related emergency calls for young people age 20 and under increased by 43%, an analysis of emergency response data found.
Japan Times
Jun 12, 2021
Bruised by border politics, some Biden officials cling to Trump order on migrants
The order enables U.S. officials to rapidly expel migrants at both the southern and northern borders during the COVID-19 pandemic, essentially cutting off access to asylum for most migrants.
Japan Times
Jan 17, 2021
Law enforcement scrutiny drives U.S. extremists into internet's dark corners
Officials warn that online chatter could include early warning signals of planned attacks around the inauguration of Joe Biden in Washington on Wednesday.
Japan Times
Nov 1, 2020
As election looms, U.S. authorities seek to separate bluster from threats
Law enforcement, which has warned of potential violence around the Nov. 3 vote, must prepare for a range of potential threats, officials say.


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