Javier C. Hernandez
Anti-government protesters launch a prolonged demonstration against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government in front of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, in Jerusalem on Sunday.
WORLD / Politics
Apr 1, 2024
Protests against Netanyahu intensify as cease-fire talks resume
Netanyahu has faced increasing pressure at home and abroad over Israel’s prosecution of the war in Gaza.
Japan Times
Jul 30, 2022
‘Princes can be Asian, too’: A dancer breaks barriers in ballet
Chun Wai Chan is the first principal dancer from China in New York City Ballet's 74-year history.
Japan Times
Feb 13, 2021
On WHO trip, China refused to hand over important data
The information could be key to determining how and when the outbreak started, and to learning how to prevent future pandemics.
Japan Times
ASIA PACIFIC / Science & Health
Jan 14, 2021
WHO finally lands in China to begin tracing the coronavirus. How hard will it be?
The investigation by the team of 10 scientists is a critical step in understanding how the virus jumped to humans from animals so that another pandemic can be avoided.
Japan Times
Dec 31, 2020
25 days that changed the world: How COVID-19 slipped China’s grasp
China's delayed initial response unleashed the virus on the world and foreshadowed battles between scientists and political leaders that would play out across continents.
Japan Times
Dec 10, 2020
For Canadians held in China, two years of isolation and uncertainty
The fates of the two men are seemingly intertwined with the future of China's tumultuous relationships with Canada and the United States.
Japan Times
Dec 7, 2020
China peddles falsehoods to obscure origin of COVID-19 pandemic
Beijing has distorted comments from foreign experts to falsely suggest that there is broad consensus that the virus first surfaced outside the country.
Japan Times
Nov 24, 2020
After Trump, Biden faces pressure to stand up to China by embracing Taiwan
As concerns grow about China's increasingly aggressive behavior on the global stage, Biden will face pressure from Democrats and Republicans to strengthen ties with Taiwan.
Japan Times
Nov 6, 2020
Chinese journalists sought freedom in the U.S. Now they’re in limbo.
Caught in a tit-for-tat battle over the media between the two countries, the worried reporters say they help bring a nuanced view of American life back home.
Japan Times
Oct 31, 2020
U.S. says coronavirus can’t be controlled. China aims to prove it wrong.
The United States is hitting records in daily coronavirus cases. But China, the country first afflicted with the scourge, is having a different experience.
Japan Times
Sep 12, 2020
How China brought nearly 200 million students back to school
Under bright blue skies, nearly 2,000 students gathered this month for the start of school at Hanyang No. 1 High School in Wuhan, the Chinese city where the coronavirus first emerged.


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