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JAPAN / History
Nov 19, 2019
'Devastating memories': Author uses book aimed at youth to preserve hibakusha mom's legacy
The late Toshiko Ishikawa Hilliker, a Hiroshima native who immigrated to the United States about 15 years after World War II, started to open up later in life about being a hibakusha who lived through the decimation of her home city on Aug. 6, 1945.
Japan Times
Oct 6, 2019
Canadian rakugo storyteller keeps dream alive in New York City
Toronto native Katsura Sunshine has experienced setbacks as a rakugo storyteller, the 400-year-old Japanese comedic art form, but he has not given up on a long-held dream to build a rakugo theater in the Big Apple.
Japan Times
Jun 5, 2019
Japanese filmmaker debuts Parkland school shooting documentary
Following the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, that claimed 17 lives in early 2018, Japanese filmmaker Emily Taguchi and her team spent months with members of the grieving community, documenting their recovery and activism in the wake of devastating gun violence.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Society
Feb 18, 2019
Re-enactment of Korematsu case that upheld Japanese internment fuels debate on Trump immigration policy
A re-enactment in New York of Korematsu v. United States, a 1944 Supreme Court case that upheld the wartime incarceration of some 120,000 Japanese-Americans, was recently staged with a new ending that takes into account the court's decision to overrule the notorious decision last June.
Japan Times
Dec 18, 2018
The swastika of good fortune? New York-based Japanese monk works to educate Westerners about symbol
When the Rev. Kenjitsu Nakagaki was honoring the Buddha's birthday with a sacred flower ceremony at a Seattle shrine in 1986, the Buddhist monk was met with sharp criticism for the chrysanthemums he arranged in the shape of a counterclockwise swastika.
Japan Times
Sep 13, 2018
9/11 survivor finds strength in helping 3/11 victims in Japan
An American survivor of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack in New York who reached out to the Tohoku region following the triple disaster in 2011 has for years fostered a unique bond with its people, finding the connection mutually beneficial in coping with the traumatic events.
Japan Times
Jan 21, 2018
Documentarian imparts a healthy fascination with Japanese school lunches
Although Alexis Sanborn was a self-professed Japanese-culture geek as a teenager, she never had much of an appetite for washoku (Japanese cuisine).


Yoshiko Koide sits in a classroom at Nagoya College where she teaches a Japanese-language observation seminar.
How a dictionary came to spark outrage among the web’s otaku