Takuya Asakura
Nov 28, 2000
Media 'self-discipline' lacking: politicians
It was like a kangaroo court when the House of Representatives Communications Committee in March 1999 grilled the president and chief news editor of Asahi National Broadcasting Network about the contents of a popular news show, said Taizo Fukudomea, who was on the committee.
Nov 25, 2000
Body eyed to curb rights abuses by media
The deputy managing editor of the daily Mainichi Shimbun was shocked when he found out that a Justice Ministry panel had been holding discussions on the premise that the media is an enemy of human rights.
Nov 24, 2000
Falsely accused seek system to make press clean up its act
After his nightmare summer of 1994, when the media branded him the prime suspect in the fatal sarin gas attack in Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture, Yoshiyuki Kono embarked on a crusade to end press violations of citizens' rights.
Nov 23, 2000
The pitfalls of a press run rampant
Nearly a year on, the children of the Hino district of Kyoto's Fushimi Ward at last seem as if they are getting back to normal.
Nov 8, 2000
Shops continue discriminatory practices
A year has passed since the Shizuoka District Court issued a landmark ruling that awarded damages to a Brazilian journalist for being refused service at a jewelry shop in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, simply because she was foreign.
Sep 22, 2000
Continued aid for Chernobyl sought
While memories of the 1986 nuclear accident at Chernobyl have faded in the international community, continued assistance is still needed for the disaster-hit region, according to the head of the United Nations relief program still dealing with the tragedy.
Sep 6, 2000
MSDF to join drill to rescue submarine
The Maritime Self-Defense Force will participate for the first time in a multilateral submarine rescue drill in the South China Sea next month, the MSDF said Tuesday.
Sep 4, 2000
Gov. Ishihara tells troops to take heart
Tokyo Gov. Shintaro Ishihara, who led the charge for expanding the participation of Self-Defense Force troops in Sunday's disaster drill by the metropolitan government, urged SDF personnel to take pride and retain confidence as a military force.
Sep 1, 2000
Tokyo disaster drill features SDF in big way
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government's annual major disaster-relief drill Sunday will feature the participation of Self-Defense Forces troops on an unprecedented scale -- 7,100 service members, 1,090 vehicles, 80 aircraft and five ships -- at 10 venues throughout the capital.
Aug 10, 2000
Mentally disabled getting short shrift in court
Public concern is increasing that Japan's criminal justice system is more worried about the rights of defendants rather than those of victims.
Aug 8, 2000
Narita security guards accused of beating detained foreigners
Foreigners who are refused entry to Japan at Narita airport have been the subject of violent attacks from security guards with a private company who are forcing them to hand over expenses to cover the cost of guarding them, as well as for their meals and accommodation, until they are deported, a former...
Aug 1, 2000
Disneyland offers gays chance to come out in the sun
As is always the case at weekends during summer vacation, Tokyo Disneyland was packed by tens of thousands of visitors Sunday.
Aug 1, 2000
Weak are victimized as loan guarantors
Jul 30, 2000
Evolving Okubo strikes a balance
Okubo's image varies widely. To some people, it's a nasty urban jungle filled with sleaze. To others, it's a foreign world of fascination.
Jul 26, 2000
Female civilians get intro to SDF boot camp
NARASHINO, Chiba Pref. -- The First Airborne Brigade is widely known as Japan's toughest Ground Self-Defense Force unit. But a recent two-day training session for "new recruits" did not appear to be as rigorous as its reputation.
Jul 12, 2000
Is Okinawa museum rewriting history?
ITOMAN, Okinawa Pref. -- Stepping out of the dark exhibit room, visitors to the new Okinawa Prefectural Peace Memorial Museum are overwhelmed by a view of the ocean bright blue under a blazing sun.
Jul 12, 2000
Okinawans grew up with U.S. military, differ on acceptance
Staff writer
Jul 11, 2000
North Okinawa mixed on planned military-civilian airport
NAGO, Okinawa Pref. -- From a tiny desert island off the U.S. Marine Corps' Camp Schwab, Takuma Higashionna looks out over the coral reef amid clear water.
Jul 7, 2000
Defense chief does about-face on time limit for Marine base
Newly appointed Defense Agency chief Kazuo Torashima has had to retract a remark that it would be difficult to put a 15-year time limit on the use of a new airport for the U.S. Marines to be built in Nago, Okinawa Prefecture.
Jun 23, 2000
Refugee attacks Japan's asylum process
Over 10 years have passed since Myanmar democracy activist Than Htay fled to Japan from his military-ruled motherland on May 26, 1990, the day before a general election whose results were nullified by the junta.


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