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May 20, 2001
In the living room of a rat-race refugee
Shin Takahashi is an incurable extrovert and freedom-loving spirit blessed with the knack to succeed. He walked straight out of college into an executive position at a prestigious ad agency, where he quickly earned a reputation for putting 100 percent into every undertaking. No one worried when he failed...
LIFE / Food & Drink / BEST BAR NONE
May 13, 2001
Last night a radio DJ saved my life
The foreign contribution to Tokyo's nightlife is not all Roppongi sleaze. Take Guy Perryman, for example, who has created a unique lounge-cum-event space around a radio station. Guy had just started his career as an FM disc jockey in Sydney when he was recruited by Virgin to spin at the opening of their...
LIFE / Food & Drink / BEST BAR NONE
May 6, 2001
Shochu among bamboo
Tokyo's neighborhoods always offer one or two little bars (or sunakku) where down-home drinkers can shake off the workday blues. The greater Jiyugaoka area offers more options than most, and its most recent and welcome addition is Fukukaze.
LIFE / Food & Drink / BEST BAR NONE
Apr 29, 2001
Truly, madly, deeply in Roppongi
If you thought the tag "High Touch Town" given to Roppongi meant it was glitzy and slick, you would have been way off base -- like most of the 18-year-old U.S. Marines who end up prowling its streets. Instead, the strip either side of the crossing is dotted with dives catering to foreign drinkers and...
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Apr 22, 2001
More sonic power to the people
I first met Shunnosuke when he was a gangly 19-year-old art student. We both subscribed to the "give art the flick, let's dance" school of thought. And we did.
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Apr 15, 2001
Check him out now, the funk, soul brother
If I told you I know of a great place to catch an excellent dinner show at an affordable price, you might think it a fairy tale. Well, pinch yourself, because this one is true.
LIFE / Food & Drink / BEST BAR NONE
Apr 8, 2001
Mixing Iggy, Ziggy and Zepp
Meet Hiroshima-san -- a diminutive, pixie-faced bottle-blond who favors either skinny polyester shirts held half-open with a chain or grungy sweaters. He is the owner of Boys Town Cafe, a gem of a juke joint (sans box) about to celebrate its seventh year on Friday in the back streets of Naka-Meguro.
LIFE / Food & Drink / BEST BAR NONE
Apr 1, 2001
Misunderstanding in the shadows, five flights up
Like many, I initially confused Gokai with Go, another fifth-floor hideout on Meiji-dori going toward Shibuya. Having ascertained that it is in the building next to the crepe shop on the corner of Takeshita and Meiji-dori, I then thought people meant Bar Poor, another cavelike perch with hobbit-sized...


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