Full of simple, ready-to-use expressions for living in Japan

“Konnichiha, Nihongo! (Vietnamese Edition)” on sale now
Full of simple, ready-to-use expressions for living in Japan

Tokyo, May 20, 2014 – The Japan Times, Ltd. has released a new Japanese-language-learning book targeted at Vietnamese living in Japan.
The new book is the Vietnamese edition of “Konnichiwa, Nihongo! (With English, Chinese and Korean Translations),” which has been popular since its publication in 2009. It is designed to assist the Vietnamese exchange students, business people and tourists who have been traveling to Japan in increasing numbers in recent years.

What the book offers:

  1. Carefully selected, essential Japanese-language words and phrases for everyday life
  2. A learning experience suitable for students of all levels
  3. Cute, colorful illustrations to help convey Japanese nuance
  4. All of this in a compact, portable size

Product details:

  • Title: “Konnichiwa, Nihongo! (Vietnamese Edition) Simple ready-to-use expressions for living in Japan”
  • Date of publication: On sale in bookstores in Japan after late May
  • Price: 1,404 yen (including sales tax)
  • Size: A5 variation, 160 pages, with color illustrations
  • ISBN: 978-4-7890-1565-3


Tekuteku Nihongo Kyooshi Kai (Masako Aoyagi, Wakana Onozuka, Takako Kishi, Hideko Suzuki, Kazumi Take, Junko Takeda, Yuka Takenouchi), a group of Japanese-language teachers who united in 2000 behind the belief in the necessity of a book that would help people pick up the Japanese language as they went about their everyday lives. The members have experience teaching Japanese at schools, universities and other institutions as well as in Japanese-language volunteering and assistance overseas and in regional Japan.

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