• Kyodo


An undetermined number of men shot dead a 56-year-old Japanese businessman at dawn Wednesday inside his house in the Paranaque suburb of Manila, police said.

Police said Hiroo Murakami, a native of Osaka, died from five gunshot wounds and two stab wounds.

Murakami’s wife, Amelita, 47, who was sleeping on the floor of the bedroom, told police she was awakened by at least five gunshots.

She went to her husband of 25 years and saw him bleeding and gasping for breath.

“I frantically asked him what happened, but he could no longer talk,” she said.

She said she is unsure how many men barged into their home.

Amelita said she believes the assailants entered the house by sneaking through the main door, possibly left open by their 19-year-old son, who had gone out to jog before the attack occurred.

Police are still looking for a motive behind the murder, but said they have ruled out robbery.

Murakami was an exporter in the Philippines.