The latest issue of Time magazine’s Asia edition, currently on the stands, features Japan as a high-tech wonderland.

The special edition on Japan is the fourth such endeavor by Time Inc. and the first to focus on the love for machines and technology in Japan. It attempts to analyze what steps the nation is ready to take in order to bridge the gap formed by its lagging behind the United States in Internet use, Time officials said.

The issue, among other things, lists the top 10 devices that Time believes will have a major impact on the lives of people around the globe.

Among the 10 gadgets are electronic books, fully automated driving systems, electronic home security systems, and wearable televisions and computers.

According to Time, Japan’s technological ascent and obsession with machines came quickly, as the nation embraced the devices that would carry it “from the depths of postwar despair to the heights of affluence with the speed of one of its bullet trains.”

It also notes that the obsession was born of the devastation caused by the atomic bomb, another brainchild of technological innovation.