/ Jun 15, 2017

EU pulls plug on mobile roaming charges

The European Union rang in the end of cross-border roaming charges for mobile phone users in the 28-nation bloc on Thursday, hailing it as “one of (its) greatest and most tangible successes.”The move, more than a decade in the making, comes in time for ...

Sep 7, 2016

Ministry to hold hearings on NHK's contracts with cellphone TV owners

The communications ministry will conduct hearings with NHK to look into how the broadcaster is handling its contracts with owners of cellphones equipped with a mobile television device, officials said Wednesday.The decision follows a court ruling last month that owners of such mobile phones ...

Sharp releases portable 'robot' phone

/ May 26, 2016

Sharp releases portable 'robot' phone

Sharp Corp. on Thursday began selling a humanoid robot phone armed with artificial intelligence features and carrying a price tag of ¥213,840 (about $2,000).The electronics maker is producing 5,000 units of the product, called RoBoHoN, per month. The launch of the phone is part ...

May 17, 2016

Japan government to press mobile carriers on prices as profits soar

The government plans to step up pressure on the country’s largest mobile-phone carriers to offer cheaper plans as surging profits show they have room to reduce costs for customers, an official at the communications ministry said.Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Sanae Takaichi may ...

Apple set to unveil new iPad, iPhone models

/ Mar 20, 2016

Apple set to unveil new iPad, iPhone models

New iPhone and iPad models likely to be unveiled Monday are aimed at helping Apple keep momentum in the fast-evolving mobile device market.The media gathering at the company’s intimate auditorium in Silicon Valley will also give Apple a chance to restate its case for ...

China's smartphones gaining ground with same bang, less buck

/ Feb 24, 2016

China's smartphones gaining ground with same bang, less buck

Move over, Apple and Samsung. The next big smartphone might be from little-known Chinese brands such as TCL and Oppo.Along with other Chinese phone makers such as Huawei and Xiaomi, Chinese brands have surpassed Samsung in China and are encroaching on Apple’s turf. In ...