Apr 19, 2015

Mountain of electrical waste reaches new peak: report

A record amount of electrical and electronic waste was thrown away in 2014, and countries that pride themselves on environmental consciousness were the worst offenders per capita, a report said Sunday. Last year, 41.8 million tons of so-called e-waste — mostly fridges, washing machines ...

Mar 4, 2015

Washington museums ban selfie sticks

Washington’s top museums have banned selfie sticks, part of a growing trend among visitor centers in the United States to outlaw the devices. “For the safety of our visitors and collections, the Smithsonian prohibits the use of tripods or monopods in our museums and ...

Apple emoji get racial color, but yellow tone draws flak

Feb 25, 2015

Apple emoji get racial color, but yellow tone draws flak

There are smiley, sad and heart emoji — and now, for the first time, there will be racially diverse emoji. Apple is preparing to release nonwhite faces in its lineup of the cartoon faces that some people use to liven up text and email ...

Apple has hundreds working on secret project to create car

Feb 14, 2015

Apple has hundreds working on secret project to create car

Apple Inc. has a secret lab working on the creation of an Apple-branded electric car, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday, citing people familiar with the matter. The project has designed a vehicle that looks like a minivan, the newspaper quoted one person as ...

Feb 12, 2015

Smartphone kill switches credited with stifling theft

Kill switches that render stolen smartphones useless were credited on Wednesday with stifling robberies and thefts in London, New York City and San Francisco. In London, the number of reports of smartphones being stolen from people dropped 40 percent last year, after kill switches ...

Feb 10, 2015

Your TV may be eavesdropping on you, Samsung warns

Watch what you say in your living room. Samsung’s smart TV could be listening. And sharing. Voice recognition technology in the South Korean company’s Internet connected TVs can capture and transmit nearby conversations. The potential for TVs to eavesdrop is revealed in Samsung’s smart-TV ...

Feb 5, 2015

Cheap smartphone test for HIV, syphilis created

U.S. researchers have found a way to turn smartphones into devices to conduct quick and easy field tests for HIV and syphilis. Using an attachment that costs $34 to make — a far cry from the standard $18,000 for diagnostic tests — blood drops ...

Jan 16, 2015

Impact of social media on stress is complicated, study says

Using digital technologies doesn’t directly cause stress, but social media can increase awareness of problems facing friends and family, and this stress is “contagious,” researchers said on Thursday. A report by the Pew Research Center and Rutgers University researchers concluded that the stress facing ...

China's Xiaomi takes aim at Apple with iPhone-like device

Jan 16, 2015

China's Xiaomi takes aim at Apple with iPhone-like device

Rising smartphone star Xiaomi is moving upmarket and taking aim at Apple’s iPhone. The Chinese manufacturer known for ultralow-priced handsets on Thursday unveiled a new model that Chairman Jun Lei said is comparable to Apple’s iPhone 6 but thinner, lighter and much cheaper. The ...