Leonid Bershidsky

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Aug 18, 2014

Watch women win more mathematics prizes

Stereotyped notions of what men and women should study at university may be about to change. A U.S. education report shows that — between 2003 and 2009 — men had a higher rate of dropping or changing their majors than women in the STEM ...

Aug 9, 2014

A Russian bureaucrat rebels on Facebook

President Vladimir Putin's standoff with the West, which has turned Russia into a corporate state in defensive mode, makes the rebellion of a lone bureaucrat in the Economics Ministry all the more impressive.

Aug 8, 2014

Why emerging world leaders are so like Putin

The leaders of some of the biggest developing nations — China, India, Turkey, South Africa — are increasingly acting like Russian President Vladimir Putin. It may be that the West will have to compete with a new strain of authoritarianism.

Aug 5, 2014

Putin's friends want to build fortress Russia

If anyone expected Western sanctions against Russia to give President Vladimir Putin pause or to damp his imperialist fervor, they hadn't counted on Russian elites acting like a hedgehog when threatened: roll into a ball and stick out quills.

Jul 29, 2014

Russia will pay a steep price for Putin victories

Russians may not yet understand that they are going to have to pay for Vladimir Putin's confiscations and annexations, starting perhaps with the $50 billion that the Permanent Court of Arbitration has just ordered Russia to pay to shareholders of the dismantled oil company ...