Leonid Bershidsky

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If growth is not the priority

Oct 20, 2014

If growth is not the priority

Both President Vladimir Putin of Russia and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany defy their critics by continuing to pursue policies that are bad for economic growth.

Oct 14, 2014

Winners make Russia sanctions smell like fish

The Faroese, Icelanders and fish farmers of remote Chile are now taking in more Russian orders than ever before because of the food embargo. It just goes to show that when politicians act to disrupt trade flows, it's like cutting off pwer to a ...

Sep 29, 2014

New anti-Semitism in Germany isn't the same

It's not the old-style, neo-Nazi anti-Semites who are trying to burn down synagogues or calling the Jews out to fight these days, as they have a problem with the currently dominant strain of anti-Semitism — its carriers have darker skin.

Sep 23, 2014

Fewer obstacles to Putin-style nationalization

The house arrest on Sept. 16 of one of Russia's richest men is part of an attempt to nationalize his oil business. It also shows how the recent Western strategy of isolating Russia is perversely benefiting President Vladimir Putin's close circle of friends:

Sep 9, 2014

Which countries will NATO protect from Putin?

There is logic to the U.S. and EU response to Russian President Vladimir Putin's Soviet revanchism that even Putin appears to accept, if not acknowledge. It is that European countries have been divided into three levels of NATO "protection."