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Japan Times
May 27, 2015
Views from Yokohama: Is technology making the world better or worse?
Luddites and tech fans are interrogated on the wide streets of Yokohama.
BUSINESS / Companies
May 22, 2015
Toshiba to announce next week scope of accounting irregularities probe
Toshiba Corp. will announce early next week the scope of a third-party probe into accounting irregularities which have led the electronics giant to overstate its profits, sources close to the matter said Thursday.
BUSINESS / Companies
May 16, 2015
Third-party panel to probe Toshiba bookkeeping
Toshiba Corp. said Friday it has set up a third-party committee to probe accounting irregularities regarding its past infrastructure projects, amid growing fears the matter may spiral further and erode trust in the electronics giant.
May 7, 2015
Australia to get classified Japanese data on stealthy submarines ahead of bid, sources say
Japan will agree this month to give Australia classified submarine data, an unprecedented step signaling Tokyo's intent to join competitive bidding to sell Canberra a fleet of stealth subs, said two Japanese officials familiar with the plan.
Jan 7, 2015
Mitsubishi Heavy to delay delivery of fighter prototype
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. is unlikely to meet the March deadline for delivery of the first test version of a Japan-made stealth fighter to the Defense Ministry, government sources said Tuesday.
Japan Times
Dec 26, 2014
Digital tack taken to revive interest in New Year's cards
The tradition of sending "nengajo," or New Year's postcards, has been in decline as people turn to the Internet, social networking and digital gadgets like smartphones instead of putting pen to paper.
BUSINESS / Markets
Dec 19, 2014
Wall St. gains sharply for second day; Oracle drives tech shares
U.S. stocks climbed more than 1 percent on Thursday, extending a rally from the previous session as tech shares gained with upbeat results from Oracle.
Japan Times
Nov 21, 2014
Obama's immigration tweaks leave tech industry wanting more
President Barack Obama plans to make life a little easier for some foreign tech workers, but Silicon Valley representatives are disappointed that his immigration rule changes will not satisfy long-standing demands for more visas and faster green cards.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Science & Health
Nov 1, 2014
New tech brings cinema to the deaf and blind
The lights dimmed inside the theater at the Tokyo International Film Festival and the audience quieted down. As Masayuki Suo's film "Maiko wa Lady (Lady Maiko)" began, the viewers were ready — with glasses-shaped head-mounted displays and earpieces designed to make cinema accessible to the deaf...
Japan Times
Oct 26, 2014
StartEd offers a legal leg-up for tech startups
Every so often, Japanese- and English-speaking legal advisers meet with entrepreneurs in Tokyo to dispense free one-on-one legal guidance.
WORLD / Science & Health
Sep 21, 2014
New smartphone app gives sight to the blind
Jonathan Mosen, who has been blind since birth, spent a recent evening snapping photos of packages in the mail, his son's school report and labels on bottles in the fridge. In seconds, he was listening to audio of the printed words the camera had captured, courtesy of a new app on his Apple iPhone.
Japan Times
Sep 19, 2014
London's young techs find anti-immigrant mood a drag on hiring talent
When Efe Cakarel picked London as a new base for his video streaming company, he was counting on its location, capital markets and infrastructure, but also on the city's reputation as a hub for talented people from Europe and beyond.
Japan Times
Sep 13, 2014
Internet fraud takes a turn for the strange
Two widely reported Web stories this year have been related to online-services fraud. One concerns online banking, the other account-hacking on a smartphone messenger service.
Japan Times
WORLD / Science & Health
Aug 15, 2014
Rise of the machines? Tiny robot horde swarms to form shapes
They look vaguely like miniature hockey pucks skittering along on three pinlike metal legs, but a swarm of small robots called Kilobots at a laboratory at Harvard University is making a little bit of history for automatons everywhere.
LIFE / Digital
Jun 6, 2014
Amazon's drone dream sparks race for better sensor
In the quest to build drones that can enable companies such as Amazon to make door-to-door deliveries, engineers are racing to overcome a fundamental challenge: helping unmanned, suitcase-sized aircraft see where they're going.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Science & Health
Aug 27, 2013
3-D imaging technology helps bring the past to life
Imagine standing in the middle of Angkor Thom in Cambodia, located next to Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world, and seeing the ancient capital come to life in its entirety in front of you in three dimensions — the way it looked back in the 12th century.
Jul 19, 2013
High tech and the road to 'full employment'
The U.S. may not regain 'full employment' anytime soon. Companies didn't just fire workers during the Great Recession; they went on a hiring strike.
Japan Times
May 9, 2013
High-tech hangers offer shopping tips
Normally when a customer shops for, say, a jacket or a shirt, it's up to the salesclerk to suggest matching items to generate a bigger sale.
Japan Times
Mar 17, 2013
Data from 3/11 could save lives if used effectively
As the second anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake approached, the media again rallied to pay tribute to the tragedy's victims, whether dead or alive. Many of the latter are still in limbo, unsure of their future since the events of that day wiped out much of their past.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Companies
Jan 23, 2013
DoCoMo pins hopes on a glitzy spring lineup
NTT DoCoMo Inc. on Tuesday unveiled its new products for the spring, vowing to catch up with rival carriers by releasing high-spec gadgets and promoting its shopping and content-related services.


Several support networks have launched to help startup founders in Japan whose native language isn't Japanese.
As Japan's startup ecosystem grows, so does a supportive community of entrepreneurs