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Feb 5, 2019
New York beats out San Francisco to be world's best tech city
Amazon.com Inc. might have the right idea: A new study shows New York City is the best place on the planet for technology.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Science & Health
Jan 28, 2019
Japanese software lets cancer and ALS patients get their voices back
Sapporo radio personality Kazuya Yonezawa takes to the airwaves once a month, speaking to his listeners in a calm and low voice. But the 60-year-old's words aren't coming from his vocal cords.
Japan Times
Dec 24, 2018
Huawei gear pulled from $3 billion U.K. police phone network
Huawei Technologies Co. gear will be ripped out of the core part of a U.K. communications network for police and other emergency responders by the company delivering the £2.3 billion ($3 billion) project, BT Group PLC.
Japan Times
Nov 12, 2018
China shows J-20 stealth jet's missiles for the first time at airshow, state-run media says
China has shown the missiles in its advanced J-20 stealth fighter jet to the public for the first time at its largest airshow, the Global Times newspaper reported on Monday.
Japan Times
Oct 17, 2018
NTT Docomo to launch world's 'thinnest and lightest' phone in November
For years, electronics giants have been developing smartphones with increasingly larger screens. Bucking the trend for phones to be bigger and flashier is a handset set to debut next month from NTT Docomo Inc. that can fit in your business card case.
Oct 12, 2018
U.S. tightens controls on China imports of civil nuclear tech to prevent military use
The United States is tightening controls on Chinese imports of civil nuclear technology to prevent its use for military or other unauthorized purposes, the U.S. Department of Energy said on Thursday.
Japan Times
Oct 11, 2018
Amazon scraps secret AI recruiting tool that showed bias against women, say sources
Amazon.com Inc.'s machine-learning specialists learned something unexpected from the machine: their new recruiting engine did not like women.
Japan Times
Sep 30, 2018
Japanese cryptocurrency industry group plans to tighten rules on asset management after thefts
In the wake of another hacking incident in early September, a group of cryptocurrency exchange operators is planning to tighten self-regulatory measures it follows on the management of customer assets.
Japan Times
Sep 27, 2018
'Summer Davos' in China casts spotlight on technological advances beyond Silicon Valley
The award-winning virtual reality film "Tree" offers a rare multisensory experience of becoming a rainforest tree from a seedling in just 15 minutes. Reading a short speech into a microphone analyzes your voice and tells who you are — your sex, height, skull type, personality and emotional state. A...
Japan Times
Sep 26, 2018
Jeff Sessions hears from states on privacy threat from tech firms amid alleged bias
U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions met with a group of state attorneys general on how to protect consumers from dominant technology companies, though they didn't decide to open an investigation.
Japan Times
Sep 20, 2018
¥6.7 billion in digital money stolen from Osaka firm
Hackers gained unauthorized access to the exchange's hot wallets, which are less secure and where funds are held for immediate transactions.
Japan Times
Sep 10, 2018
Germany cautious on EU tech tax as France adds 'sunset clause'
A European Union tax overhaul to raise levies on large digital firms needs a thorough debate, German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz said Saturday, although he maintained that an agreement could still be found by the end of the year.
WORLD / Crime & Legal
Sep 4, 2018
U.K. surge in online child sex abuse images stokes global slavery fears
A dramatic surge in the number of online child sex abuse images uncovered in Britain has stoked fears about the growing sexual exploitation and enslavement of children worldwide via technology, anti-slavery campaigners said on Monday.
Japan Times
Aug 16, 2018
Stealth showdown: U.S. F-22s simulate dogfights with Norway's F-35 warplanes
Two U.S. F-22 stealth fighter jets squared off in simulated dogfights with two of Norway's expanding fleet of F-35 aircraft on Wednesday as part of an exercise aimed at strengthening the NATO alliance and increasing its deterrent power.
Japan Times
Aug 7, 2018
An outbreak of ethics in Silicon Valley?
The employees of the high-tech firms that are creating AI-based surveillance technologies are no longer on the sidelines.
Japan Times
Jul 12, 2018
U.S. clears hurdle to lifting ban on China telecom giant ZTE
The United States signed an agreement with ZTE Corp. that paves the way for the Chinese tech company to resume operations after a nearly three-month old ban on doing business with American suppliers, the U.S. Commerce Department said on Wednesday.
Japan Times
Jul 6, 2018
Tokyo blockchain conference looks to uses of technology beyond headline-grabbing cryptocurrencies
The rise of cryptocurrencies has shone the spotlight on their underlying technology, which is known as the blockchain.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Science & Health / Regional voices: Chubu
Jul 2, 2018
Nagoya firm's high-tech service aims to prevent sudden infant death syndrome at nursery schools
Unifa Inc., an IT venture firm in Nagoya, has begun offering a monitoring service that can alert nursery school teachers to the warning signs of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), the leading cause of death among babies at day care facilities.
Japan Times
Jun 28, 2018
Vietnam forces Facebook and Google to pick privacy or growth
Vietnam's new cybersecurity law could force Alphabet Inc.'s Google and Facebook Inc. to choose between access to one of Asia's fastest-growing digital economies and protecting their users' privacy.
Japan Times
Jun 12, 2018
Japan's toothless FANG trio don't deserve a nibble
Line, Yahoo Japan and Rakuten are out of favor for a reason.


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